Friend to lover

  • Well, I'm a 25 year old Aquarius female who has fallen in love with her 36 year old Scorpio male friend. We met 10 months ago & since that day my life has been Completely different. He is the sweetest man with the best personality. Several months ago, I found myself falling for him, I expressed my feelings & he didn't reciprocate them. It hurt a little, but about two weeks later I told him that if all I could be was friend I couldn't continue talking to him on a daily basis. He said that was fine. Well after 2 weeks passed & only 1 conversation he called me & said he wanted us to remain friends & ever since he's called me daily. He knows how I feel about him& never has he expressed the same feelings toward me. He is who I want to spend my forever with, but how can he not feel anything? Why does he have to call me every morning @7:30 before he goes to work? Why do we have to communicate regularly? Because I want to be with him I'm hoping that he'll eventually change his mind which is why I don't want to ignore him Completely, but it's so frustrating not knowing what his intentions are. This situation makes me feel helpless because iv completely let my guard down.

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