Help with a Taurus Man... please

  • I've been dating a younger man for the last 5 months and my feelings are getting stronger. The thing is i dont know if hes into me at all.. Im a leo and he's a taurus. When we spend time together we always have a great time but that's just it we dont spend too much time together. Maybe one weekend a month but its always great. I always keep it light and fun so he can want more...however, he is difficult i will not hear from him for 2 weeks and he wont respond to my texts during that time.. then he will reach out like nothing.. of course, i act casual and i've learned to adjust but it does bother. i feel when someone is interested you want to spend time with that person... so my question is.. is he into me should i continue with this or should i just end it and be done with it?

    my DOB is 8/2/67 and his DOB 5/12/80

  • Hey, LeoLadyLove. From how you're describing this taurus guy, it sounds like you should definitely end it and be done with it; no ands, ifs, or buts. You are so right when you say you feel that when someone is interested you wanna spend time with that person, and he doesn't seem to be wholeheartedky into the relationship. The fact that you see him so sparsely shows that he isn't into you or a relatonship, or is a commitment-phobe. Also, him not responding to your texts..ah, I wont even get into that but thats bad news.

    I'm a Taurus and I dated two Leos before, taurus and leo is a match you don't wanna waste your time with unless there is a strong connection (which there doesn't seem to be on his side). This is because Taurus and Leo are 90 degrees from each other (you're also 90 degrees away from Scorpio), and this means that not only are your elements not compatible, but also you're both fixed (meaning you're both set in your differences), and signs that are 90 degrees from each other tend to automatically be annoyed/frustrated with each other for reasons you may or may not be aware of.

    I compared you guys' charts for you on a site I use, and I see that your venus is in virgo and his is in gemini. This is a huge reason you should let him go. Venus signs are strong indicators of how two people can love each other, and they should be compatible. His venus in gemini is most likely why he's so flaky and sometimesy in your relationship, and even if he does come outta nowhere and says he'll change for you, it wouldn't be likely to last.

    His moon in aries is square to your mercury in cancer, which seriously challenges effective communication and makes it very difficult to understand each other's basic motivations and beliefs.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

  • Hi LeoLadyLove

    I am also a Leo who dated a Taurus man who was 2 years younger than me. What a mistake. We met on a dating sight where he said he was looking for a LTR. It turned out, he was already in a LTR with a lady for 8 years. She had moved to another state 2 years before. She flew in once a month for business and to see him. He also had some other women he was dating, but kept telling me we were exclusive. We broke up so many times because he was always lying and cheating. At first I would believe him, but after so many lies, I had to let him go. His moon was also in Gemini. It is funny with the Leo/Taurus match. If you don't want them, they are chasing you. If you want them, they are elusive.

    Best of luck with your decision.

  • Thank you both for your responses.

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