Angry and hurt

  • well, We started out as friends meeting through some mutual friends. things seem to be going very well. spending time with him left me feeling all warm and cozy and happy at once. i was very interested in him and he informed me that he maybe leaving to go home for a few months. he said we have a week this was the conversation last week. however, we got into this petty argument that had nothing to do with us and i haven't spoke to him since. i thought maybe he left early but through some sources i found out that he is still here and may not be leaving at all. i feel as though the argument was a coward's way out, but i am still angry and want to confront him by showing up at his house for questions. i'm angry and hurt because if that was the reason for the argument he could have just been man enough to say so. now i'm wondering and i can't stand that feeling.

  • I am not very good with relationships but one thing I have learned is not to jump to conclusions. I would call him and ask him if he would like to come over and help you do something you know he is good at(like car trouble or computer trouble) or just ask him to come over for a home cooked meal and a video. Then be nice and try to have a good time like the last time you saw him. Maybe it is something not about you. Maybe it is a problem at home with family or something. Make him feel comfortable and happy. Be nice to him.

  • thanks for the info. obviously me either. i like the guy very much so but i don't want to feel like i am chasing him. its been five days since the argument and he did manage to give a simple apology but i haven't heard from him since then and i hate feeling like it is something wrong with me

  • np. Jusdt give him a little time to think. Am appology is a good thing. Five days is nothing compared to a lifetime. Good luck.

  • Sure does sound petty VON201! Just be the bigger person and go to him and apologize. If you really care and like him then it has nothing to do with anger and EGO.......Anger is such a tough emotion and it really needs a reality check from time to time. Don't waste your time in anger life is too short and needs to be LIVED. Every second and moment counts so do the right thing and make your mind clear and free. Remember a good deed done results in positive outcomes and abundance! You will feel better and the both of you will laugh it off and like the saying goes to break up then make up.........Well you know the rest.....warn the neighbors ;o)

  • I Could not disagree more. If this guy is behaving like this now, in the beginning of the relationship when things are all hunky dory, can you imagine how bad it can get once you have been together for a while. I say run for the hills, there a too many single men out there, go find yourself one that isn't selfish and self centered. Just my opinion.

  • I don't know whether I would be bothered pursuing him to be honest....too much hassle and you're not in a relationship with him yet!

  • Sounds like stuff is going on that your probably not aware of. I would leave it alone and see what happens. If he doesn't contact you soon, then don't bother. If you do want to contact him, tell him how you feel. If that doesn't work, not worth the effort.

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