You were right before can you help again, Captain or anyone else please. thanks

  • Hi Captain,

    my DOB is 2/22/73. His DOB 3/31/68. wifes DOB 6/30/66. Now that you get a picture of the love triangle. Do you see him leaving his wife for me and if so when? Just so you know I am not naive in that I know this was absolutely the wrong thing to do. It was something that happened gradually as he and I are coworkers and friends. Emotionally the situation is taking a big toll on the both of us. Is this something that I just have to walk away from or is there a happily ever after for us. You were previously right about selling my home. You had stated that I would only be able to sell my home if i changed realtor. I was upset at the time because i had just signed a six month contract and it did not sell, changed the realtor and it sold in six weeks. thanks for your accuracy.

  • Your lover can be very demanding, almost like a child, and over the years you would begin to feel very inadequate or unfulfilled.Your criticism of each other can become sustained over time and you could end up very unhappy. He will leave his marriage if his wife threatens his freedom too much, which as a home-loving clingy Cancer, she might very well do. If you were to threaten his freedom as well, he would leave you too. He is happy with your 'arrangement' as it stands now because it affords him both the freedom of having a lover while still having a home to come back to when he needs to. He has grown comfortable with his wife and, unless she pushes him too far, he will not leave her at this point. That may change in the future but what won't change is that you will not be happy with him ultimately. A cheater who cheats on his wife will also cheat on you if you became his wife. You could never be entirely sure of him. And that is no way to live.


  • Hi Captain,

    Sorry to get in on this thread I just have a question please if I may.

    My sister (10-28-48) and her husband (1-23-53) are selling their small resort but is having difficulty selling it. Its in the market for quite awhile now. Do you see any problem why its not sold? Anyway will it be sold if so when more or less? Also when will my sister get in touch with me?

    Thank you so much & blessings

  • Magickal, I am happy to answer you but you need to start your own personal thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of this page.

  • Dear Opalgem222

    I'm not being judgmental in your situation. Its for your own good & karma not to get

    involved with a married man. A lot of pisces women are good people and I have a

    pisces friend that suffered a lot. Dont mess-up your life with this man. When hes divorced and he comes back to your life then you make that decision.

  • I did break it off with him in mid August. I was just wondering if I made the right decision.

  • Sadly and happily yes you did. No matter where this path takes you feel absolutely certain that he must be finished with his currently life and obligations before he is totally available to you. If he isn't he is game playing.

    It is hard to walk away from a person you love but at some point you need to decide you are worth total commitment not just the exciting stolen part of him. At some point he will blame you for the break up of his marriage, at some point he will cheat on you. He needs to really do some soul searching as to why he is capable of cheating. Stolen moments are not life they are the torture of the future. Take care of yourself

  • Dear Opalgem222

    Re: the break-up good for you!. I just cant stand married men that fools around.


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