Think i have been cursed by a gypsy?

  • Around two weeks ago, a gypsy lady stopped me in my local village, and started telling me stuff about myself, then she asked me for £2 to get a charm braclet and my friend was telling me to come on dont listen to her, i said i would of gone back but i didnt, and since then i have so many bad things happen since then one after another could you help by any chance?

  • No, you have not been cursed - it's just life happening to you.

  • ok, thankyou.

  • Yeah the Captain's right, no curses, its only life and your perceptions.

    The Nine of Wands and the Moon - whatever bad happened would have happened anyway, you are probably feeling the effects of the moon right now (waxing) and your emotions run away sometimes. Good things coming your way, hang in there. And stay away from the gypsies. 🙂

  • thankyou astraangel 🙂

    could you help me with other things going on within my life?

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