New boyfriend

  • Hi everyone, ihavent been on here in a long time. I have a new boyfriend and hes great. How do you deal with someone is is very intelligent and has a much higher IQ than you? Im like an average person and hes very very smart? I have never dealt with that much intelligence in my life. He wants to take the relationship slow and so do i and we both want to do whats right.

    Hes a leo and im a cancer. He has 3 kids with one living at home and hes divorced.

    I like him alot and he has alot of good qualities and hes only an hour a way from me. He has put god in the middle of relationship and he does goes to church, which is what i like.

    Is it too early to tell in this relationship as to where it may go? Ive only been seeing him for like a month or so. Just want an opinon.

  • Sorry to be rude but what is God doing in the middle of your relationship?


  • hopefully paddi he/she is leading them to each other a month though is really to early to tell just take it slow and see where it leads

  • Padd love....some people just do not get it. I am NOT trying to be rude, BUT if one is a believer, then God should be present in all they do. Not used as a trump card, excuse, explanation or anything. Each and every persons spirituality is a choice they have made. Which is fine, understandable and private.

    Unfortunately main stream churches want and teach people to wear God on their sleeve like a banner, instead of an essence of their beliefs and values. It is sad really.

    As far as the the depends on many things. Like what is your and his definition of what is right? To me, a month in is awfully early to be putting any stock into a relationship, other than the basics. Like, do I really like this person for who/she is. Do their actions match their words. Do I enjoy spending time with them...etc......

    I think relationships deserve the freedom to grow and develop as they may, without interference of our humanness Just my thoughts.

  • I was going to chime in on this but Taurus7 took the words out of my mouth 🙂 She is a wise one

  • im sorry everyone, i meant to say god is first and not middle, forgive me on that one.

  • Good luck with your new love. I too believe in God but if it were me I would want to be in first place.



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