Pisces woman and Scorpio Man! Help Please!!

  • Hi.. I really need your point of view on Scorpio man. I’m sorry if this is gonna be really long story.. Met this guy i really like, he's 33 yrs old. Our first date went really well and we enjoyed it so much. We kissed on the first date. Second date I went to his place to hang out watching movies at his place. So i came. We talked after the movie the suddenly we started making out and somehow i stopped cos i didn't want anything leads to sex. Told him it was too early but we made out again i said again that i couldn't this this, not because i don't want to but because i think we need to get to know each other better. He decided to go out instead with me and we talked a lot of things for hours, till we finally hit back to his place and i asked if i could stay at his place cos it was already 2am and i couldn't possibly go home. He said no problem. Then at his house we talked again for hours and hours till morning.

    When we were talking he said that he really likes me and he likes the fact that i took him out of his comfort zone. He likes hanging out with me cause I'm beautiful, smart, independent and really fun to be around. he can talk about alot of things with me and really enjoy spending time with me. He told me that we should hang out more cause he wanted to get to know me better. he respects why i don't want to have sex with him. He said because I was trying to protect myself. He said he's a really passionate and hope i could understand that.

    After talking for hours, We made out and things got hot and heavy, in the end we had sex. After having sex, we slept together like lovers do. We cuddled and he kept staring into my eyes and he always kissed me on the cheek or in my forehead every once a while till we fell asleep. He would caress my hair and starts looking into my eyes and just smiles. Even when he woke up, he began kissing me on the cheek or in my forehead. We just laid there on the bed and stared into each other's eyes. I left his place and when i got home , we started chatting again and told me how he had a great time with me last night..

    he then ignored me for 2 days but I never acted like I missed him, I just ignored him back. We chatted again everyday ever since and have had few dates somewhere the going back to his place and I stay over at his place.. So far I’ve known him for a month. He started calling me baby last night, when I asked him why is he calling me baby he said that it’s better than calling me a friend.. I was like “what?” This thing confuses me cause he’s been acting really caring to me, talking to me everyday, and he keeps asking to meet me even on working days. I can’t go out during working days cause I have to work, so we only spend time together every Saturday and sunday. We cuddled, he loves looking into my eyes deeply then kisses me on forehead and cheek and yes we have sex as well, he said he misses me, calling me baby,. He said that im a genuinely good girl, unique and he said there’s something great about me and something really great about being with me. That’s why he keeps wanting to see me. He makes plans for us to go somewhere together. I told him I like him too. We’ve been acting like couples do but why he’s not making us exclusive..?

    I really like this guy a lot, everytime we hang out the quality time of knowing each other is just amazing. our conversation went really well and he opened up to me about his family and stuffs. I know that scorpio are secretive but opening up about his family to me does mean something rite? I just don’t wanna end up as friends with benefits.. Help! Does he really like me? He told me twice that he really like me I just wanna make sure. And what is it exactly he’s trying to do? Is he trying to string me along? Thank you! Appreciate it!

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