Need guidance from The Captain... please

  • I've been dating a younger man for the last 5 months and my feelings are getting stronger. The thing is i dont know if hes into me at all.. Im a leo and he's a taurus. When we spend time together we always have a great time but that's just it we dont spend too much time together. Maybe one weekend a month but its always great. I always keep it light and fun so he can want more...however, he is difficult i will not hear from him for 2 weeks and he wont respond to my texts during that time.. then he will reach out like nothing.. of course, i act casual and i've learned to adjust but it does bother. i feel when someone is interested you want to spend time with that person... so my question is.. is he into me should i continue with this or should i just end it and be done with it?

  • Answered in the Compatibility thread.

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