I need a reading, can someone help?

  • Would i get a job any time soon? I recently graduated from high school and i have been searching for jobs with no luck. I need it so bad bcuz i want to start college in january i feel like i wont be able to. And would i accomplish my goals someday?

    Oh and one more thing. This has been bothering me for more then 7 months now. I have a crush on this person and I want to know if we will come to a close relatioship in the future. Or will i find someone better later own. Can i get the date of when im gonna meet this person or when this relatioship will come to happen. Thank you soooooo much for your time and help.


  • Hey there. Ask him out. For a coffe or soda or? Try to get ANY job for now so you can try to save $. It really doesnt matter what it is as long as you are making an effort.Jobs(and boys) come and go.Stay focused on your path and the rest will fall into place.I was working p.t. at a dog kennel when I went into college.Then started another p.t. job in retail sales.Its amazing what you can learn from chatting with customers! Again, ask him out, and theres' your specific date.

  • thanx for the comment ;D i just wish i was that brave hahaha XD

  • This post is deleted!

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