Knee Injury

  • I am back! Use to being single and doing that dating thing. The one area of my life I am not used to is my kneee problems. Two surgeries in 6 months and I am not sure if it will ever be normal again. My health has everything to do with my starting a new life. I am an avid work out maniac and that is how I spend most of my week. Lost 80lbs three years ago andI I don't want to slide backward. By being fit and staying active I finde myself much more confident when I am out dating. Can someone please take a look and see how I will do with both aspects? I find modern dating exhilarating and hurtful at the same time! Society has become much to disposable.Born 03/05/1960 (True Pisces) at 1:59pm.

    Thanks, will take everyones input close to heart.


  • Being impractical or impatient will not work for you here. You must take time to rest and heal. You can find low-impact exercises for your knees meanwhile. Problems with your knees occur if you have been acting impulsively, getting distracted, or overreaching yourself. Do things that lower your stress levels and degree of worrying - and overcome any self-imposed pressures of perfectionism that may spur you on to overtax yourself. High standards and impulsiveness will only interfere with the healing process. Rather than looking for the perfect diet or exercise regime, gradually adjust your routine to include habits of moderation that reflect a step-by-step process towards excellence (which you are here to learn). No quick fixes for you! Your already strong constitution and body need to find a balance in activities that combine mental focus, emotional calm, and relaxation with physical suppleness. Strong regular workouts of martial arts, yoga, a dance form, or anything that involves a process of improvement over time is perfect for you.

  • Anyone see a knee replacement procedure?

  • If you are impatient enough not to allow yourself to heal naturally.

  • Saw the Orthopedic surgeon today for the post-op. The doctor said that I need a full knee replacement, it's just a matter of how much pain I am willing to take before I get it done. Too much arthritis. That is something that time won't heal.

  • Actually you can heal from anything if you believe it. Have you thought about trying psychic healing, such as Reiki?

  • Do you swim? It is the best way to heal the whole body, especially joints. I have knee and back problems and constantly battle to keep my weight down. I am in pain if I don't due to the extra stress it puts on my joints, had my last lot of knee surgery over a year ago and it will never be the same, also had back surgery, next for me will be a reconstruction if I dont look after it. Swimming strenthens the core body which helps support the limbs. And you can do colour therapy breathing in the pool while you swim. It is a type of medidation to help you relax and gain life balance, just breath in the colours of the rainbow and breath out the grey from your body while you are doing laps.. you will be amazed at the results. It is a great meditation for those who are people who like to be active and are not into the om stuff : )

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