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  • It would be great to have some life in site. My named is Jennifer and my birthday is 9/23/65 at 12:31 p.m.

    Thank you in advance


  • Jennifer, according to your astrological profile, you were born on the Way of Liberation. You have come into this lifetime to define what freedom means to you personally. You will come to understand that freedom is a state of mind - thus, you may find yourself in situations where you feel limited in some way in order for you to discover the nature of true liberation. You can be very stubborn and can become combative when you feel others encroaching on your rights. Your intuition is your greatest strength - however you might confuse what it is telling you due to your fear of restriction. Often you can feel like everything and everyone around you is holding you back or keeping you down. But usually the limitations you perceive exist only in your very active imagination. You must become more objective in order to learn how your thoughts affect your reality and to able to transform how you think from negative to positive. Your core lesson is to learn to perceive limitations as the illusions they are. Your goal is to become adept at thinking positively, using your gifts of quick-mindedness, intuition, and charisma.

    You were born on the Virgo-Libran Cusp of Beauty and you can experience a fine and fulfilling life journey, providing you don't allow others to call the shots too much, or succumb to a sometimes overriding need for material security. You may manifest your destiny path by simply striving to be happy, without much thought or energy wasted on struggles with those who might be blocking your progress. Or you may hinder your own higher development with unproductive relationships, self-pity, or a tendency to want things handed to you on a platter. You cannot gloss over or hide from your dark side - we all have one and we must all confront and heal our issues and flaws honestly and determindedly. You have great potential for transformation here and if you take care to cultivate the self-knowledge that will enable you to better understand your sometimes overly sensitive attitudes and release the need to be dominated by others or to do everything your way, your progress on this destiny path is assured and you will be free to revel in your inspirations.

    You have been known to say one thing and do another - haven't we all? You do talk a lot about other peoples' abuses, biases and prejudices that really annoy you, but eventually others will come to see that you aren't just another pretty face and aren't talking a lot of rubbish that you don't really believe in. People may not always take you seriously and they can tend to tune out if you start playing that same old record for the umpteenth time. You can be a deep philosophical thinker and if your points of view change over time, it's not because you're a scatterbrain but because you have an evolving consciousness. You are curious about everything.

    Relationships? You've got to be engaged in a mental and philosophical dialogue or there is no match. You need lots of different people from different ethnic, social and political backgrounds in your life. You need to argue to be happy, because it's the trading of ideas that makes the bond. But you need to develop a common language if you want people to pay attention. You may need to probe more deeply into issues involving being controlled mentally and psychologically, to the point where it might be impossible to follow your thinking or understand the contradictions you are trying to communicate. You must pass through the fear of being misunderstood on every level and onto a higher expression of your nature that will help you communicate, be taken more seriously, and make your light shine bright.

  • Thank you so much Thecaptain. I have been going through so much stuff I needed it get back to just me and stop thinking about him all the time. I need to rediscover me and your insite is a great help.

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