Need Guidance on Pisces Man

  • Hi all - I've posted about my situation before and gotten great insight. A little short but sweet background - I'm a Cancer, 7-7-76, born 6:30 am. He is a Pisces, born 2-20-70 around 6 am. We met under curious circumstances, by that I mean, we weren't looking for each other, and the details behind our meeting are so odd they seem pre-destined. We met 7 months ago We both have NEVER felt as connected to another as we do with each other. I'm sure I sound like many others in this community. Here's the sticky point. We are both married. Me without children, he on his 2nd marriage and with a young son. I DO NOT WANT him to leave his marriage and I am NOT trying to make him stray. I've never intentionally made him feel like he needed to leave, nor have I been a "temptress", etc. Our conversations have strictly been friendly. He also is not looking to cheat. His marriage is not perfect either, but he is struggling with staying in it for his son, as this is his second marriage and he doesn't want to "fail". We developed a harmonious friendship that did develop into more of an emotional bond. We have NOT EVER been physical, not even a kiss. My marriage has never been right - I settled for someone safe and I've known it for a long time, but I've not been miserable. My husband and I are staying together at this point purely for financial/employment reasons. His marriage is the same. His wife has asked for a divorce and a separation twice in the couple years. Of course I would love nothing but to be able to be with him, but I am a true Cancer, I'm unselfish and I value family and would hate to see him in distress - he's on such a fine line right now. We got together to talk about things back in August - with him in tears, battling his fear of the scars of divorce and the depth of his bond and feelings for me. We've distanced ourselves from each other twice now. We have gone weeks without talking. I've mourned the loss of his friendship and support. I am not looking for anyone else. I never was looking for anyone else when he came into my life. But the sadness I feel at the loss of him is immeasurable. I'm enjoying my life and I'm generally happy, but it's like a piece of my soul is missing. I miss his presence in my life. I miss my friend. He pulled away the first time, and I the second time. My questions to you all are: #1: is he deeply suffering as much as I am, #2: How do I handle the future? Do I try to stay in touch, since I am the one that pulled away last time? #3: Why were we brought into each other's lives if it's causing us both so much pain? I am a very typical Cancer, heart on my sleeve for the right people. But I'm also very logical, and this battle between my head and my heart is so difficult. I would LOVE any insight you all have. Thanks so much for reading this.

  • This is a bit of a sticky situation.

    Firstly I would like to say I am a cancer and I know that the chemistry between a cancer and a Pisces is magical. I am talking from experience. Well in your case there is a lot at stake and I like the fact that you used logic when dealing with the situation.

    1. Yes it is possible that he is dying to see you again.

    2. In all honesty I suggest you keep your distance because a Pisces and cancer have the ability to destroy each other emotionally. Things can get hectic when you start communicating, you just need to be ready for what might bloom as both of you are very emotional water signs.

    3. I'm not sure why you too met, but I know there is a reason.

  • Awww thanks Diva - I was beginning to think I'd never see a response from anyone! 🙂 I am very emotional and so many of my actions are driven by the emotion behind it all, but in matters that affect others, I do take a step back and use my head. Never in a million years would I have expected this to happen to me. Ever. Even the friend that was with me when I met him saw the connection then and still believes in it now. (it was on a trip we took together). It's all so dramatic. My husband is a Pisces as well, but does not at all fit the "profile" of a Pisces. We never had this sort of soulful connection that I do with this man - In fact, I've never had this type of connection with any man. From the little every day likes and dislikes, to how we handle situations, to big family issues, but beyond, it's like we're linked. This new man has driven this friendship on an emotional level - I am very much a crab in that I have my shell - doesn't mean I'm not feeling something, but I have to see something first before I feel right sharing my feelings. He's not at all a jerk, a sweet talker, player, etc. This is something NEITHER of us expected. It's truly amazing, and while it hurts SO much right now not to have him in my life, I am grateful and happy to see that connections like this can be made. I just feel like this time around, he's going to pull a Pisces "swim away" (like he did before), and never remember his feelings for me. When he pulled away the first time it was for about a month, with no contact, and when we finally talked about it (the night he was in tears), he broke down and told me how miserable he was that whole time and how he couldn't stop thinking about me. I don't wish him ill at all, but I would feel a whole lot better if I knew he was mourning like I am. Thanks for your insight Diva, I really appreciate it. This is a major hurdle in my life right now and I'm not sure how to handle it - So thanks again! 🙂 Best to you. K.

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