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  • This thread was created to share tips and exercises on the tarot in general. Anyone may join in the thread and add their own insights or tips for beginning and/or advanced readers alike. I have added my own tips for those wanting to learn how to read. I do hope some of you find them useful.

    P.S. Thanks for the inspiration, TD. 🙂


    I learned tarot by experience. Draw one card each day and watch for its meaning in your life throughout the day. Record your observations in a tarot journal. Keep your journal for at least a few months (up to 6 months or longer if you can) and you will be amazed at how well you will get to know the cards. Keep in mind that this is a lifelong process, as the cards will always be yielding new information.

    Sometimes they say you don't need to know astrology or numerology in order to understand the cards, but I highly recommend studying the cards in every aspect - from the elements to the Kabbalah if you are totally passionate. Explore every part of a tarot card, including its decans. If you are familiar with astrology and numerology already, you already have an advantage. Review meanings from a few other sources each day and compare them to these aspects of the tarot.

    Keep a file of each card from the beginning, but let questions guide you to discover meaning. This was my greatest mistake. I didn't ask questions! There are a number of books out there, such as "What Can the Tarot Do For You?" by Mark McElroy and "21 Ways to Read A Tarot Card" by Mary K. Greer that guide you to make your own meanings from the cards. These books will allow you to begin to think critically about the cards.

    Read mostly for yourself first! I know it is hard but the more I did it, the easier it became for me to read for others.

    For readings, keep a history of certain cards you get with certain topics. For example, if you have accumulated several readings over the course of a year on meeting someone, you might want to compare these readings. You'd be surprised at how many of the same cards or themed cards appear in the same or similar positions. Take note of these cards under the same topic.


  • This is great Espearite . It nice to see a thread on this site that actually relates to tarot .

    I have the book 21 ways to read a tarot card , i havent really read it yet , i know there are other sites that offer courses with this book . .

    L &L Loap

  • Thank you, LivingonaPrayer 🙂 I am now working with "What Can the Tarot Do For You" and it is nice to be able to look forward to an exercise each day. I have been really enjoying it. Thanks for the post.

  • Opps, correction on that title, it's "What's in the Cards for You."

  • A few tips that come to mind now from me are:

    First is that i wish that i had done a diary of readings and guessed meanings before reading about tarot meanings in books. Now i keep records of readings and look back and see what really happened afterwards and then make notes. From this i learned what cards come up for me in what circumstances. For example the hierophant is always a person i encounter in my life in my readings. This is how i encounter this energy. I found that reading many interpretations of this card misdirected me for a long time. If i had gone by intuition and/or experiment and then analysis i would have figured this out a lot quicker.

    The type of spread that i do is crucial to gaining insight. This is definitely worth experimenting with. Asking the right questions in the right way will get to the crux of an issue. I did find books very helpful this way in showing a variety of ways of asking a question.

    Finding the right deck, tricky, i think this changes over time and there is no right answer for everyone. For me the right deck has more visual representational clues than pretty designs and gives me positive not just negative insight. Strangely the Crowley deck for me gave me great insight but only about the misery in store. It put me off tarot before i found a friendlier deck.

    After i look at a card i check my heart and how i feel there. This is worth trying. Sometimes i get no feeling there but often i will get a flutter or a pain. This gives me direction in interpreting it. I think that a lot of people's instincts come to light as internal physical nudges, it could be in the back, head, stomach, but there's usually a reaction somewhere to what is being presented. With time these twinges can be interpreted too. (Sometimes i just question my heart and leave the cards)

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