Need advice from Scopio women!

  • Hey Cancerman276!

    I agree whole-heartily with the last thing said by Bluecat123 and what Pnadine has said; spot on!! We are 'slow', 'cautious', 'scrutinizing', 'careful' and 'thorough', lol!! Just to name a few adjectives to describe how we pursue things that are very important to us; 'Love' & 'Relationships' fall into this category, lol! It takes patience with Scorpios as it does with Cancers, just for differing reasons 🙂 We are NEVER not thinking about something/someone we've taken an interest in; remember what I said about our 'intensity' and 'passion'; we are very critical thinkers. She'll come around in time if she's interested; YOU just BE YOURSELF!! Keep us posted! 😉

    Love, Light and your deepest Heart's Desire surround you Cancerman!!


  • Thanks everyone! I'll keep you posted 🙂

  • Hey Taurus! What is the name of the thread you want me to check out?

  • Taurus7 need advice last 2 pages please...:D and Thank you! 😄

  • Are Scorpio women always to cautious??? My Scorpio crush has agreed to go out with me but when I asked her for her number, she didn't give it to me. I figured since she agreed to meetup it would be safe to ask for her number, but I guess not. This is confusing. She responded to the message I sent her asking for her number but she just ignored that part of the message and commented on other things I said. I'm now wondering if she only agreed to meetup because she feels bad about saying no? Keep in mind, we have discussed how frustrating it is when someone messages you on a dating sight that doesn't interest you, and feeling the need to reply without being a jerk. I replied basically putting the ball in her court. I didn't mention the number. I just told her the days that I'm available, gave her my number, and told her to let me know when she would like to meetup.

  • I couldn't help but smile. Yes,we are cautious and it won't stop...ever. So that is something you will have to get used to.

    And her not giving you her number is because she isn't done analyzing you. We don't let "you" near to our private lives that easily. The trust isn't in place yet. When that would be?....I have no idea all depends what she thinks needs to be in place for her standards for you to get there. For instance I have two nearly everybody knows (business etc) and the other is private (and that is for people who I trust and will not disrupt my private life). IF I still don't give you either is because I prefer not to for what ever reason. Same goes for email.

    And about meeting up. If for any reason you weren't worth her time off day she wouldn't have agreed. She would be very upfront and told you it was nice knowing you but it will not go further than this. So got her attention.

    We don't be that rude in not letting you know where you stand.

    Good luck and be patient. If you can't be patient then I would advice to let go. So it's up to you on that note.

  • Ah... thank you so much for the insight! I'm not use to dealing with someone so guarded. 🙂 You told me exactly what I assumed. I think it's great that she is guarded because it makes her a hard catch, which means she's not the type of girl who easily lets new people into her life. I really like that. I don't enjoy dating women who let every guy who hit's on them into their lives. That really annoys me.

    Ok that being said I think I could have another problem. I gave her a link to my Facebook profile and I'm sure she has checked it out. I have a fair amount of women friends and pictures of me with many of them in my profile. I have not slept or messed around with any of them but I can only imagine what went through her head when she saw the pics. None of them are bad in anyway but she has no idea what my relation is with these women. My best friend is a Married women. I've know her many years and knew her long before she got married. I have some good male friends as well but not as many pictures with them in my profile.

    Any advice on this??

    By the way, I am the type of guy who will go way out of my way to make my girl feel comfortable and secure in our relationship. My rule with friends of the opposite sex is this. Old friends of the opposite sex are ok as long as I feel I can trust them and it's not interfering with our time. New friends of the opposite sex, after we start dating, is not acceptable, unless, she works with him and they only see each other at work related events.

    Thanks again!

  • Now I scratched my head. Hmmm.. I personally absolutely dislike in the deepest way FB. Loathe it to the max.

    Well you have certainly put yourself wide open to her analyzing brains. I hope she will be kind with you. If this is the woman you want to win her heart you have a long way ahead of you. We need and can give space yet it's a thin line where you can get axed out. So i have no idea how she will approach you about FB yet it will be a conversation item one way or the other.

    I don't know... I would say have your date and see what vibe you get. And then you two can define what is acceptable or not.

    Good luck.

  • Hi, cancerman276

    I am a Scorpio woman and am with a cancer man. I invite you to view my posts where I had a reading regarding my relationship by the captain. Its the one with the eighteen posts. As far as my input on your scorpion lady. Its best to meet with her where the two of you can get a real feel for one another. Scorpio's are pretty good at reading who's real and the same goes for cancers. I also will say that we have a lot in common which you would find true once you meet with her. Just be patient until you meet and dont worry about being nervous as she will be also. I love my cancer with all that I have we both are emotional and respect each other and know when to give each other space when needed. Trust me you will feel a lot better once you meet with her. Just dont be aggressive and you will be fine. But make sure to be a gentleman we love that. We love romantic men. And for the ones that dont they have mental issues and probably not a good upbringing. There is something very special about scorpios and cancers. If you take the time to get to know and understand one another. I will keep in touch. Oh and great move by giving her your number first to call you. Sometimes we have to build ourselves up to make the call.

    Good luck with your date


  • Thanks Flowsco and piggytoo

    Piggytoo I will check out your post. Thanks for pointing it out!. I'm very excited to meet this lovely women but I a little worried that I won't be able to live up to her expectations. I have a feeling that Cancers and Scorpios both have high standards when it comes to choosing a lover. I do and I don't. I just want a women who I am physically, mentally, and spiritually attracted to. She doesn't have to be brilliant or wealthy. She just has to be kind, compassionate, understanding and wise. I hope I can win her over. She is stunning and she seems very genuine in her profile on OKCupid. I have had other women message me on OkCupid but none of them hold a candle to this women. Plus she is Eastern European. I am extremely attracted to Eastern European women. I think they are incredibly s-e-x-y! 🙂

  • Cancerman ! Hey, chill out and relax ! Just go to this date and have a good time, dont have an agenda. Youre already putting pressure on you, which will be easy to read, I mean, I can sense it from here just in your words. Stop controlling. Here's a major hint, write this down..If you listen, I mean Listen to her and discuss her emotions and be sincere, that will be huge. Listen to her likes and dis-likes. Be confident. When it's over, ask for her email address, dont even mention the phone number. You are putting way to much emphasis on a number. IYou dont even know her. I'm amazed at how many guys dont even think about the trouble and drama they can be getting into.. Go slow !!

    If for any reason it doesnt work out, its ok. You know how to contact each other. When the date is over, you leave the place that you went to, and the awkward moment comes when it's over, dont expect a kiss, but ask, did you have a good time? Show her, that youre concerned for her. If she says yes, then ask, would you like to do something again? If she says yes, youre in !!! If she says no, dont go sideways and dive into your sand trap ! LOL, sorry.....its ok. You CANT GET EVERY GIRL !! Dating is like sales. You cant close every deal, well, unless your me of course !!!! LOL with a freakin loud HAHAHAH....Then, plan a fun filled 2nd date. A date where you have fun being with each other, but where you can talk, No movies !!! I took a beauty out to a movie on a 2nd date, man was she was into me when I went in, and ended it when the movie was over. Guess what movie !! TROY with that asshole Brad Pitt...I guess she saw him, then me. I was even into him !! LOL...No, girls, erase that image !!! True story ...Take her dancing where you get close enough to touch in a innocent way. The closer the better. This brings you into her circle of trust. I think I got that from the Fockers !!! I loved Dustim Hoffman in that...see talk about fun stuff, make her laugh and dude, dont get offended. Scorpios are truthful and she may say something that tears your inside. Get a grip !!!I will gaurantee you this..if you both like each other and start dating, your sex life will be amazing !!!!! Good luck..Oh yea...bring one flower, not red, maybe yellow. Something nuetral, but bring it for her. That tells her you were thinking about her, way before the date. I can tell you this. She is already planning yours right now !! Adios Crabby....Oh yea...word of advice...dont take her out for seafood...HAHAHAHAHAHAH

    Dud, your panicking and you dont evn know this girl yet. Scorpios arent monsters !! I would go into it with an open mind. Dont ask for a number, ask for an email address instead. When you ask for a phone number thats very personal to a woman, and Scorpios are very private. Let her inititate the contact information. Always my man, always let her drive for now. When she is ready, believe me, she will ant you to drive. She wants, confidence, intelligent talk and honesty !! Be truthful !!

  • TruePhoenix

    Thanks for the advice. If you're anything like me you are picky about women you truly want to date. This girl has huge potential and I'm really excited to take her out. I will try to remain calm and patient but it's hard. It could be two weeks before she has time to get together. Her brother is in town this weekend and she will be in VA next weekend. Both of those things are a big deal and I understand that she can't break those plans to go on a date, but it just sucks.

  • Cancerman~ Then you must be a BIG HIT on this date....then let her go, trust me. STOP feeling like youre going to get rejected !!!! I know you have a problem with that. A friend of mine and I use to go out alot and meet woman, and yes, I'm very picky and for good reason, anyway, we always discussed the impacts and fear of rejection, so you know what we use to do, we would walk in and go right up to the hottest blonde, well I did anyway, and ask her right there for na dance or number and get rejected...after that, the eveing was a piece of cake....

    Be sensitive to her, listen to should already know what she likes, color, music etc, bring something special for her in the beginning, listen to her and laugh throughout the night, dont get weird or anything, then at the end, ask if she enjoyed herself and if she would like to do something again...dont ASK for a phone number....if you dont, she will be proud of you and feel like myou understand her position in not giving it out...OK? Give her, your number and tell her, that while she is away, feel free to TEXT you...the door is open...if she said yes to a 2nd date, you will get text....then, once you get texted, you are in !!!!! Dont mess this up !!!! dont let your senstivity lead to your fear of you see, I'm loyal to you, to this date and I dont even know you...imagine how SHE, a female Scorpio feels about you....

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