Need advice from Scopio women!

  • Hey Scorpio women!

    I need some advice. I recently had a Scorpio women give me a high rating on OK cupid. Let me explain. OkCupid is a great free online dating site. You can give people a star rating if you think they're cute/interesting. Anyway, this cute Scorpio gave me a 4 out of 5 stars but nothing else. So I gave her a high rating and sent her a short message saying hi. It's only been one day but she has not responded and it has me scratching my head. If you know anything about Cancer men you know we can come on a bit strong when we see something we like and I hope I haven't scared her away be messaging her so quickly. It was hours later, not seconds or minutes lol. So what should I do? Tell me how you Scorpio women like to be courted!


  • Am I getting no love from you Scorpio's because too many of you have been burnt by a Cancer?

    Anyway, the cute Scorpio replied to my message last night and seemed relatively interested in me. Not sure why it took her a few days to respond but whatever, I'm just happy she did.

    Can I get a little advice on how you Scorpio women tick? I've read that Scorpio's are emotionally wired similarly to a Cancer. Is that true? I guess my biggest question is, how do I move things forward from here. I tend to move cautiously quick, if that makes any sense, and I would like to know Scorpio's like to be approached. She actually approached me first, which I assume means she's not too shy.

    Come on Scorpio's! Give me some love! 🙂

  • "I would like to know HOW Scorpio's like to be approached"

  • Hey Cancerman - Sorry I read this yesterday and was going to put in my 2 cents , but I saw that you were looking for "scorpians" to share , but I think you should be yourself and dont focus too much on their Sun sign but rather on the vibe they give off, just go with the flow of things. I really tried to stop concentrating on their sun sign , especially after I became somewhat obsessed with the way Cancers act , think , behave you get the picture. I think I was so much better off when I didnt look into his sign , probably when things were going so smoothly between us ... So I think I am back to just being myself , and making it a point to not worry about another persons sign , if your compatible , you'll know. I was afraid that maybe I was trying to be someone I wasnt by reading into all their likes and dislikes. So in a nutshell , just be your usual charming self and approach her how you would any girl regardless of her sign , thats what makes you ,you!

  • Hey earthangel2!

    Thanks for your advice. I agree completely. It is easy to become obsessed with trying to understand someone through their sun sign, but in reality, signs are probably less telling than how someone was raised or other external things.

  • Hey Cancerman276,

    I am the mother of a Scorpio woman (she's 33, be 34 next month). What an amazing young woman she is! As a Taurus, I have "locked horns" with my little Scorpio girl over the years, but she is truly an angel. Probably why she's chosen a career in nursing. She's so natural at care and compassion for others. Her rising sign is Cancer and moon in Sag. The big issue she has in relationships of all types is trust. She trusts no one - not even her mother! Or at least it feels that way sometimes. LOL Anyway, she is loyal (never, ever unfaithful -- just like her mom) but has a real hard time not waiting for the other shoe to drop. For her (and me as well), it requires a man of serious integrity; someone who not only says he is, but demonstrates it as well.

    As for approaching her, again it has to do with integrity. I would think this to be not only a Scorpio, Cancer or Taurus trait, but pretty much anyone. My suggestion is to approach your Scorpio lady as you have, continue to show interest, but not to the point of stalking... just let things unfold naturally. Like Cancer and Taurus people (my moon is in Cancer), we/they like to know someone is interested, but not to come on too strongly as most often that has the opposite effect. 🙂 We need to have the time to "process" the information, but don't wait too long to get back as it can appear that interest is gone.

    Hope this little bit of insight helps! Good luck and I hope you find much happiness with your Scorpio lady.

    Blessings and light,


  • Cancerman , How are you doing ? Concerning your ex, have things gotten easier so to speak? Im sorry , I had to ask , but im just genuinely concerned.

  • Taurus57! Thanks for the advice!

    earthangel2 I am doing good. I would say that she has become an after thought in my mind. I have no desire to get back with her and I honestly don't think I could ever trust her with my heart again after what she did. I know without a shadow of a doubt that we were not meant to be together, and it would have likely ended much worse had our relationship continued. I will no longer date non-christians. My faith is too important to me to through it away over a relationship. I want to raise my kids (god willing) in a Christian home with Christian morals and that would have never happened had I stayed with my ex. Thank you for asking 🙂

    How are you? are you dating anyone?

  • Hey good to hear Cancerman , thats a good way to put into words what I feel for my old cancer friend "an after thought in my mind"

    "How are you? are you dating anyone? " Im doing good thanks for asking , as far as dating goes, well Im married , so Im trying not to do any "dating" if you remember how that played out with my Cancer friend. But I am definitely going through some deep soul searching of myself and alot of interesting things are happening as a result , so at this point Im not ruling out anything!

  • earthangel2

    I'm sorry for the confusion. Your name change though me off, even though I knew you changed your name. Major brain fart. 🙂

  • Hey Cancerman276!!

    I excited to hear that you have encountered a Scorp girl 🙂 There are a number of things that can be said about us, lol! Oh where to start!? I would say the best way to court us, is, 'cautiously slow'; you must find a 'medium' ground, if possible.

    We don't like it too fast, as it could raise suspicion and make us feel as though we don't have some control over the situation; which we don't like, lol! We must feel some degree of control, if not all, belongs to us! But it can't not be too slow either as to feel as though you are 'fickle', 'uninterested' or not 'strong & assertive' enough for our liking. We typically are drawn to those that demonstrate a good degree of 'strength', 'assertiveness' and 'confidence', but no to the point of being over-bearing and controlling! We do not like being forced or driven by anyone.

    If you desire to complement us, make sure that your accolades are 'sincere' and not that of 'flattery', we detest 'flattery' as we see it as being manipulative and 'in-genuine' and we do not take to that, but find it to be suspicious behavior; there is MUCH to be sincere about, as far as complements are concerned with us Scorpio women 🙂 So make sure you are not being a phony with us. We, just like Cancers, are very intuitive types and so we can 'read' an individual very well 🙂 We are usually, with maturity, very discerning about the nature of a person.

    We are very private people so we will likely expect or seek that you reveal as much about yourself first before we will do so in return, unless you have managed to apprehend our trust early on, then we may be open & honest about our personal selves/life sooner or in parallel with you, but we will likely not divulge too much about ourselves personally unless you are doing likewise; it is just our naturel to be this way; we work up to being more revealing with time; we fear being taken advantage of by revealing too much too soon. However, this is a similar trait in Cancers as well; so it gets interesting, but for the most part becomes a harmonious experience between these two signs, as a result. Cancers are usually not very open and divulging up front for fear of rejection/ridicule, while our fear is that of manipulation/betrayal.

    We are very investigative by nature so we generally ask more questions than we like to answer, in the beginning. We have to determine, in time and discovery of the individual, that it is 'safe' to expose ourselves. We are very sensitive and because we too are a 'water' sign just like Cancers, we are very emotional as well, but don't always display our emotions outwardly. Cancers are more inclined to display their emotions than Scorps are; we have a lot to learn from Cancers in regard to this actually. Scorpios must learn the 'art' of surrender; for it's liberating qualities; Cancer on the other hand is much better at this from an emotional perspective.

    We Scorps can be playful and usually have a decent sense of humor, but could learn to relax more even, in this regard, from Cancers. We generally love a good laugh, but NOT at our expense; we usually don't take ridicule of ourselves very well, lol! Don't get me wrong, we can laugh at ourselves, in fun, but we don't really like being made fun of by others nor being the brunt of anyone's jokes. Just to keep in mind 🙂 We love cuddling and intimacy; and well, "physical relations" is our specialty, lol 🙂 But we, the more matures, evolved, Scorps see it as a 'religious experience; while our younger counter-parts have been known to engage in this sacred experience more out of "Sport". In fact most of what I have expressed is my having the more matured/evolved Scorps in mind.

    That's just some of the attributes off the top of my head Cancerman276, but I will say that a, Cancer and Scorpio match, is/can be about as GOOD as it GETS!!! These two complement each other very well for the most part There is generally an excellent affinity between the two; just an 'easy' flow between you two and a chemistry that is out of this world usually, lol!

    I say you should go for it, but like I said, take it day by day, and show your strength as well, your gentleness and your intellectual side to this woman and you will knock her socks off!!!

    Light, Love and all your Heart Desires surround you!!!


  • The scorpio woman, can sometimes be found being the bread winner of her family, shes independent and smart in her areas of expertise. Shes usually a loving, giving mother too. She likes to be strong, she likes to be right, but her emotional side also likes to be made to feel safe, and secure in her relationship, she can jealous to a fault, and doesn't like anything or anyone to come between her and her family. Make her feel her relationship is secure and safe, and give her a little a space when she seems to need it.

  • scorpio woman usually go well with cancer men:)

  • TheTransformed and bluecat123

    Thank you so much for the insight!!!

    Ok so now I'm a little worried about compliments. Is telling her she has a pretty smile too much?

    I already told her and she did say "thanks!", but I hope she doesn't think I'm being disingenuous.

    I'm also now a little concerned about being the strong man I want to be. This has always been a struggle for me as I battle with self-esteem issues. I don't want to overcompensate for my sometimes lack of confidence, and I don't want to come off as being weak either. Advice?

    Also, we have been messaging back and forth online. She is a lot slower at replying than I am. Sometimes a full day will go by before I get a reply. This has me a little concerned because when I am interested in a girl I am fairly quick to reply to messages. I don't reply instantly but I definitely don't wait a day like she sometimes does. Keep in mind that she is the one who made initial contact with me.

    Any advice would be great. Thanks!!!

  • Hey Cancerman276,

    I wouldn't worry about the complements you've given, UNLESS, like I said, they are NOT genuine; if she has a pretty smile, well she has a pretty smile; and so it should come across as sincere. Don't get me wrong, we love complements now, we just get suspicious when they are nauseatingly constant and they are detected as being given out of flattery and not genuine, lol!! If she really does have a pretty smile, trust me, she knows it too and it happy that you noticed, lol 🙂 But again, the key here in sincerity, be genuine and moderation. We are an 'action' speaks louder than 'words' type of female.

    As far as self esteem goes; we sometimes have some mild degree of that too, not often, but occasionally although it's usually not detectable in us by others because we do such an awesome job at concealing our emotions to those around us for fear that we may overwhelm someone by being to open in the beginning. Dont ever underestimate a Scorp's exterior demeanor, we may appear to be cool, calm and collected on the outside, because we are masters at self-control, but internally an emotional wind-storm could be brewing because like I said, we are very very passionate and intense by nature. Our emotions/feelings run very deep!

    Here being slow to respond could be her way of playing 'moderator' to the tone of the courtship or potential courtship; again we like to have some degree of control over how things transpire; we don't like being maneuvered too much by others. Give her time to warm up to the mutual exchanges that you are engaging in to this extent. You are very intuitive so you know if her displays/expressions are sincere or not; give your self more credit; self-esteem issues or not Cancerman276, and we ALL have some degree of it, you are a very good read of people!! Just take it slow and easy; don't rush in to aggressively toward her, but let her confidently know that you enjoy her company and are interested in spending more time with her when she is ready.

    When I say, show your strength, just be firm and confident in who YOU are as a person; don't come across as fickle, or weak; that's different than being gentle, loving and kind; we tend to love those qualities in a man; it's displaying weak character that we don't like to see; we need a man to be a man, firm in who he is; one that can stand his ground and resolve in himself and stand up to us when necessary, but be able do so in a respectful, gentle but firm way toward us. If we are not mature/evolved, we will walk all over a weak man, sadly 😞 Because we tend to be very strong individuals we need a man who can be gentle, loving and strong all at the same time.

    Just show her your loving, kind, gentle, emotional and sensual Cancer self and she and trust me she will come around. Your instinctual nurturing nature will give her the feelings of love and security that she craves in a loving relationship. Remember she looking to see can trust you with herself; just as you are; you two are very much a like but very different; such that you complement each other well, astrologically! A good balance of strengths and weaknesses!

    Hope that helps some more : )


  • Thanks again TheTransformed! You are very insightful.

    The last reply I received was yesterday and she just commented on some things I mentioned to her in the previous message. Her lack of asking me questions seems a bit odd. It's funny because, in our last conversation, I mentioned to her that I don't know how to respond to girls who message me on OKCupid when I'm not interested in getting to know them. She laughed and said she felt the same. We both agreed that it is probably better to just ignore their message than to lead them on by replying back. How do you tell someone nicely that you're just not interested in them without crushing them? Anyway, she put a few smiley faces in her last reply and thanked me for the compliment, which was followed by a smiley face. She also mentioned that she has met a few people on the site but nothing came of it. We both agree that it's hard to feel chemistry online.

    I just want to know that she's truly interested in meeting me before I ask her out, but it's hard to judge that when she doesn't ask any questions! There is nothing worse than going on a date with someone who is just too nice to say no. It's just so hard to read people online and it's driving me nuts! 🙂

    She seemed happy to be talking to me but since she didn't ask any questions, I feel like the ball is still in my court. I want to put the ball back in her court but I don't know how to reply since she didn't ask anything. This is just confusing. I think I'll wait a few days to see if she takes the initiative. I think I've shown more interest in her than she has me so it's time to take a step back and see what happens.

  • Ummm...Mark...:D....I will catch up with this, bc I love and adore you..but I could use your insight and yes..I am butting in your post....sorry...:D But, could you go look at my post in Taurus7 I need your advice?? BC I would LOVE your input......I NEED your input. It is my last post on the last page...sorry for the derail....please forgive me...thanks...

  • Scorpio women might be slower to reply because they don't throw themselves into anything to quick, and their trust needs earned usually, although they are usually friendly, she might be busy , they usually stay very busy.

  • I agree with the Scorpio female who responded in detail. We are a cautious, private, strong independant type and pursuing us must be done nice and easy. Building trust is paramount and may take a minute. By all means please to not play the Scorpio woman cheap. We are keenly intuitive and do not think because we may not speak of something does not mean that we do not know what is going on. If you desire a passionate, maternal, loyal woman.....hang in there. Be real, be easy!!

  • He Cancerman

    je suis une femme scorpion ,un signe Ă©trange et plein de contradictions , etrange mĂ©lange de fĂ©minitĂ© et de force , le scorpion est une Ăąme karmique qui est portĂ© par des idĂ©aux assez Ă©levĂ©s en relation avec le spirituel tout en aimant la beautĂ© des choses sans en aimer le cĂŽtĂ© matĂ©riel pur , un peu comme un raisonnement philosophique la beautĂ© et la grĂące comme morale du bien ; c'est un ĂȘtre qui se rĂ©fĂšre Ă  la droiture et l'Ă©thique dans chaque attirance de sa vie , elle aime ĂȘtre courtisĂ©e et valorisĂ©e par son partenaire, mais sans trop en faire dans le cĂŽtĂ© questionnement, elle est secrĂšte et intuitive , souvent elle peut lire dans l'Ăąme de son partenaire , elle rĂ©agit Ă  l'amour avec passion parce qu'elle est entiĂšre et a le sens de son cĂŽtĂ© unique ,diffĂ©rente des autres ; elle ne conçoit l'amour que dans la passion exclusive et peut avoir tendance Ă  dĂ©velopper un sentiment de jalousie si elle ne se sent pas en entiĂšre confiance ; elle donne tout et plus qu'elle mĂȘme ne se donne , elle peut parfois vampiriser son partenaire en en faisant trop pour lui et pas assez pour elle , elle prend le temps d'introspecter loin en elle avant de se lancer dans une relation , mais si elle est amoureuse alors lĂ  ce peut ĂȘtre le nirvana pour vous deux, elle a besoin d'ĂȘtre rassurĂ©e sur les sentiments de son partenaire et sur sa soliditĂ© affective et mentale ; une trahison ou une blessure peuvent ĂȘtre fatales Ă  la relation , elle est la femme d'un seul homme pour la vie et n'envisage pas pouvoir ne pas croire en la rĂ©ciprocitĂ© ; elle est fiĂšre et mystĂ©rieuse , peut parfois ne pas parler pendant plusieurs jours sans que cela change quoi que ce soit Ă  la relation, juste par besoin d'intĂ©rioriser des Ă©motions, des sensations , elle est toujours en questionnement sur les choses profondes de l'etre humain, c'est un signe charismatique Ă  souhait , mais il n'y a pas de demi -mesure chez une femme scorpion, elle passe ou elle casse, on l'aime ou on ne l'aime pas c'est comme ça; elle a une volontĂ© farouche Ă  dĂ©fendre l'intĂ©gritĂ© humaine et ne supporte pas l'injustice , elle est sensible plus aux mots qu'aux cadeaux mais ne pas lui rĂ©pĂ©ter des fadaises sans sincĂ©ritĂ© , elle le sentirait tout de suite, elle sent tout de l'autre et peut mĂȘme deviner sur lui des choses inconscientes qu'il ne connaĂźt pas lui mĂȘme; elle est gĂ©nĂ©reuse et aimante, elle dĂ©fend sa famille et ses enfants comme une louve , elle a conscience de ses vies antĂ©rieures et aprĂšs la maturitĂ© des quarante ans rentre dans sa partie mĂ©tamorphose complĂšte Ă  savoir ne vouloir que le bien et le bon chez les autres ; c'est une Ăąme qui comporte en elle des ressorts de psychologie et de mĂ©diateur, elle porte en elle une sorte de mission d'aider et d'apporter du mieux ĂȘtre aux autres ; elle ne trompe jamais et sa sincĂ©ritĂ© va de pair avec ce qu'elle attend de l'autre , elle aime les gens raffinĂ©s et sensibles et sa sexualitĂ© est la plus torride des signes du zodiaque si elle est en harmonie avec son partenaire elle lui fera dĂ©couvrir des mondes de voluptĂ© intenses et rĂ©gĂ©nĂ©rants ,

    elle est parfois rigide dans sa tolérance , elle aime ou elle n'aime pas c'est comme ça !

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