• Hello Hanswolfgang,

    So far you have been completely accurate on two occasions. So i would first llike 2 thank you for your accuracy. Secondly I have a very personal question. My birthday is 2/22/73. His birthday is 3/31/68. His wifes bday is 6/30/66. As you can see I have become involved in a love triangle with a married man. It was not something that I planned or evened pursued. It happened gradually as we are friends and coworkers. I am finding it difficult to let go because a part of me feels he is my destiny. Should i let go or will he leave his wife so him and i can be together. I recently have tried to let go and have been using online dating as a tool. I have been chatting with someone named Bruce and would like to know if anything will come of this. I have not met him in person. So should I hold out for this married man is he my destiny or do i need to let go.

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