AstraAngel - Could I Please Get Some Insight?

  • Well, you are in the right path, no worries. I am sure that when something comes available with him it will be bright and nice

    Although right now (Five of Cups) you are experiencing some shifting and sorrow in love.

    Chariot - something is coming to catch you away though... it will be nice for you fun and sweet and not like whatever was with him "back there". I can't except feel a new spirit with him, lovely and upbeat.

    That snow photo is what it looks like where I am today!

    Love and light,


  • I meant say "I expect a new spirit with him... " my thoughts sometime get ahead of my fingers!

  • thanks AA. sorry about the late reply. I went out of town for the holiday and I just got back into town. Gemini hasn't contacted me yet, but I'm just living my life otherwise. I'm not sure if it will ever work out for us, so I'm just leaving him be for now. I wish he would open his eyes, but I can't make him do anything he doesn't want to do...

    we don't get snow much around where I live. although, I wish we did. we only get maybe a foot once or twice a year. otherwise it's just colder for the winter. our summers are crazy hot.

  • Hi AA, hope you're doing well! I was just wondering if you could do an updated reading on me? no contact at all from Gemini, but I'm trying to get my mind off of him and move on my own path. could I please get some insight when you have some time? please let me know when you can.

    Is it still snowing for you?

  • bump 🙂

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