AstraAngel - Could I Please Get Some Insight?

  • OK well you are doing the right thing and "laying low".

    Hey I was going to mention about you family friend, tell them to get some cannabis and start a regimen of that, there are lots of miracle reports of that herb healing just about anything.

  • AA - thanks for the info. about the cannabis. unfortunately, it's pretty illegal here and they don't dont do not allow it for medicinal purposes either where I am. I'm not sure she would be willing to do it either. she's quite traditional when it comes to things like that.

    My Gemini guy and I talked a little over the weekend. he said it was good to hear from me. he also told me that he's been on a few dates but nothing major. he also said that the situation he was in was pretty much that the girl was lying to him about it so he's free of those burdens.

    I'm still very unsure about where this is going, but I'm trying to keep it simple and not get sucked into it. would you be able to do a card reading on this situation and where it's going?

    I know you said that "Knight of Swords says you are going to be doing some communicating with someone quite a bit very soon." but I'm weary and I'm wondering if it's my Gemini guy who this is in regards to. When I looked up the meaning of the Knight of Swords tarot card, it said that the Knight of Swords could be very wishy-washy and fickle. If it's someone coming into your life romantically, it will be just a fling that doesn't last long. That explanation is my Gemini guy perfectly. And I'm not sure I want to get hurt once again by him...

  • Hi ScorpVirgo

    Okay, I thought I would mention the Cannabis thing, it is controversial I understand. I think it is a crying shame that our culture would try and make a "plant" illegal! Why don't we make certain rocks, or trees illegal? Why not make bluebirds illegal? What a kooky world this is. Oh well, I have prayed for your friend and they will be fine by the power of God.

    Okay, your Gemini guy! Hey this actually sounds nice to me, like you two are re-connecting in some way. I can tell at least there is an honesty between the two of you, and that is a wonderful place to start!

    I understand totally your concerns about him, and you are wise to approach this from a guarded point of view. You certainly do not want to repeat that pain with him again. Do you know his birthdate? I could look at the both of your charts to see where your compatibilities and potentials are.

    Let's go ahead and perform a reading on where you are at with him...

    I drew out a seven card spread in which I pray touches on the key points.

    1. Your feelings for him - The KNIGHT of SWORDS - wow! Isn't that amazing, you had already brought this out and here is this card again. Your concerns about him are certainly justified, you are so right this Knight can be a tricky one. All of the Swords can be tricksters, I recently wrote an article on my blog where I ran through the swords and they all can be playfully deceptive. This is not always a problem though, it depends on how willing you are to have some fun and not take matters too seriously.

    You are aware that he is chasing you. You are also aware that he is coming at you from a place of intellectual desire, and his thought life is swirling around you again. You remember how much he delighted in you "when he was around" and so you are keenly aware of his desires in that area. Your guarded feelings are VERY justified, so I can already hear the words "Proceed with Caution" being written in the sky. Let's proceed to his feelings...

    1. His feelings for you - The PAGE (or Princess) of WANDS - This is how he sees you at this time, a fire princess, and he recalls the fire. There is a lot of remembrances going on with him right now. He misses the good thing he had. As a Princess of Spirit he would love to restore the intensity you brought into his life. He learned his lesson, however he also knows that now, YOU are the one in the driver's seat. He chases you and you are the one who decides now whether you will be caught again. Wands are all about action and choosing a path, so he waits now upon your choice, your decision, your will in the matter.

    2. Your concern about him - FIVE of PENTACLES - I am using this "Art of Tarot" deck by Liz Green which is very nice, and in her book she says "...this card often reflects fear of loss rather than actual loss. Be reassured that rifts will be healed and mistakes rectified. This last minute reprieve could save your finances and close relationships". So this tells me that deep down your concern is "Can this relationship be healed?" And with this card it seems that the answer is YES as long as you know what you are getting into! The question of your heart being broken again seems to be what this is all hinging on.

    3. His concerns about you - SIX of CUPS - This is a very, very sweet card of love. Very innocent and childlike and playful. He would love to have this with you again, he misses the "play" you both had in each other's arms. His concern is "can that love come back?" He is really hoping it can. There is a lot of "remembering" energy associated with this card and so he is replaying a lot of the good times you two had. His regard is for recapturing that intensity of love. Can that happen again seems to depend more on you than him.

    4. Where the relationship is at - The QUEEN of SWORDS - Well SV, I can tell that is YOU. You are the Queen of Swords now, and YOU hold a sword over this dude. He is totally at your mercy now an you can now determine how and in what manner the relationship will proceed, as long as you want it to proceed. You are in a very good position. Your energy is now matching his perfectly. He is the fickle Knight Swords, and you can be the fickle QUEEN of Swords - this is perfect SV! The relationship energies are very well balanced and ready for "phase TWO" when you are ready to go there.

    5. Where the relationship is going - Drum roll please... and the envelope please... and the audience is holding their breath... ta da!~ THE EIGHT OF WANDS! Holy smokes ScorpVirgin! Two guesses where the relationship is going, and the first two don't count. This EIGHT is like being shot out of a cannon, and that looks like where matters are heading. This card seems to indicate that you WILL decide to proceed and go for it again with him. Very fast too! Like this week even. Wands are super quick energies and for this card to appear at this point tells me that things are going to work out with him and this could have a profound impact on where your life now goes. Does he have a house? Hey, maybe you can move in with him and YOU can lay down the ground rules as far as how you want the relationship to go.

    Some ideas pop into my mind ...

    You reconnect with him ON YOUR TERMS and one of those terms are, YOU can date others however he can not. YOU can come and go as you please from his life however he is there to attend to your needs completely. YOU get to move in with him and HE can pay the rent and YOU do not have to pay a penny, so you can save up for that condo you have been wanting even faster.

    Hey, I know that is wild SV, I am trying to point out in the strongest terms possible that this could be a heaven sent opportunity to resolve your housing situation and also give you some relief in other "areas". Hey it was pretty nice with him before, and whose to say it can't be even nicer now? Hey, it doesn't work out again you can always still pack your things and head back to the family right? I am throwing out options for you. I personally think he is pretty crazy about you and ran off dating others as he was afraid of a committed relationship. You want to have some fun with this guy? You require HIM to commit and you don't have to ha ha. Hey like they say, all is fair in love and war, who says you can't write your own "love policy". I would even write up a document and have it notarize, something like "I catch you cheating and you owe me $10,000" or something 🙂 - Hey, SWORDS love this kind of action, might really turn him on, and you can both laugh your way into a new phase of relationship.

    I think the real need her for you is to lighten up a little in the love area and take charge in a fun way. It would be a wonderful experience for you to feel like YOU are the one calling the shots for once, and HE can wait on YOU for a change. How does that sound!

    1. Okay, the ADVICE card (although I felt like all of that was advice... let's see what Heaven actually wants... OH! OH MY! The ACE of WANDS! Hey SV, how quick can you get your things packed? This looks like a new beginning to me with this guy, listen to what Liz Dean has to say...

    "The Ace of Wands is an excellent omen for those beginning businesses OR THINKING OF STARTING A FAMILY."

    Hey, I didn't write that Scorp, Liz did, and it sounds like a fantastic sign of an impending turn for the better with your Gemini. The ACE of WANDS is extreme masculine energy and you have the opportunity to channel that in ways that benefit the both of you. He is well aware of a connection between the two of you and is ready (and hoping) you'll take him back. Why not cut to the chase and let this turn into a beautiful development in not only your love life, your financial and housing life a well. It looks very good to me and I am getting all kinds of green lights.

    Hey, I did not expect that reading SV. what do you think? I have the sense that deep down you would love to relax in his arms again the way it used to be. ANd he would surely like that.

    I would pray about it. I would also get a bunch of boxes and get ready to move quickly. And write down your terms, and start LAUGHING again, you are due for some happier times.

    My blessings ScorpVirg you have a lovely heart and Heaven want to bless you in so many ways... that's all I know.

    I see three kids.

    Love, astra

  • AA - thank you for such a positive reading. I'm still very weary, which is showing in the reading. however, I feel like I still have to initiate conversation with him. and he doesn't really sound like he wants to start anything back up. he's just talking to me like he's my friend who I haven't talked to in a while.

    the last text I sent to him was last night, and he still hasn't replied. I'm not saying that you're reading isn't showing what may happen, but I'm just doubtful I guess since he's not really showing that he wants to get back together.

    he's told me that even though he dated some other females, that he hasn't found a spark with any of them. he also told me that he's going to stop trying to date since he's going back to school and moving away so he's going to wait until then to start dating again. I'm super confused. why would he say that to me if he wanted to get back together with me?

    I told him that he should only get together with someone if he thinks it's worth it and that he shouldn't feel like he has to prove himself to anyone. I also told him that I'm just as picky as he is and that I understand it being hard to find someone who he connects with but that he should have to show his accomplishments for a girl to show more interests. she would like him for who he is an his personality. that was the last text...he still hasn't responded...maybe he's thinking..I dont know...

    I'll leave him be. the ball is in his court. I can't keep going back to someone who doesn't want to make an effort for me.

  • he also didn't bother asking me if I was dating i'm not sure if he's just feeling me out or if he's just truly trying to keep it at just a friendship level.

  • ah! i'm so sorry for all the postings...I'm a little all over the place today..his bday is 05/23/82

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    I needs some help. My love life has seem to gone down hill. I'm really wanting a husband but don't seem like I can find anyone worth having. Is there anyone out there new for me or is it someone I already know or I'm I meant to be single the rest of my life?

  • Dancs5 I started a new thread for your questions...

    ScorpVirgo I will take a look at your chart and see where you two line up

  • ok thanks! my bday is 11/02/83 in case you didn't have it before 🙂

  • AA - he still hasn't responded to my last text two days ago. he's so confusing. I haven't said anything either. I'm just letting it be. I'm pretty sure he wants to keep things at a friendship level. although I'm looking at your tarot spread and maybe it's going to take a while longer for things to manifest.

    I was thinking last night about how I dont know much about you or your life at all. would you mind sharing?

    I'll wait to hear back from you on your analysis of our charts. 🙂

  • Hey ScorpVirgo

    First of all, don't worry about the lack of a response from him, that is as it should be for now. Heaven needs you to understand some things about the two of you and the relationship will progress from there.

    Looking at your two charts...

    First of all, you both have your Neptunes right on top of each other in Sagittarius. Like within a degree or something, pretty amazing. This means that you two could DREAM together some really wonderful life choices and possibilities. Like trips. fun things. And you have the ability to dream of how you would like your friendship to work, how you both want to relate to each other. Talk it out and you will get your answers there. Communication is the first benefit of friendship. Until you can communicate on a deep level you are stuck. Finding someone today who is willing to communicate is the challenge. So many living behind all of their fears and apprehensions and have trouble opening up. This isn't true in your case (or you wouldn't be on a tarot forum :).

    What else... You are Scorpio and He is a Gemini which is a nice match up as he is close to opposite you on the wheel. So He is bringing to bear some nice balancing energies to you. PLUS on your chart you have ALL significant planetary bodies in just FOUR signs! SO you have a lot of action crammed into one corner of the wheel which means you are OBVIOUSLY destine to need a partner who brings the balancing energies to you. And your friend has some VERY IMPORTANT energies where you need them, opposite your bodies and very well placed

    His Venus is in Aries opposite your MOON! Very sweet balance there, you get emotional in Libra, when life doesn't seem fair, you sometimes go to pieces, you cry. And he has VENUS in opposition to help balance that out for you. I can tell you he would love to be able to help you through this move and give you a shoulder to lean on. And he has Mars in his Libra close to your Moon so he has masculine strength there to also shore up what ever you are dealing with. This is a fantastic combo for the two of you.

    Also, He has his Jupiter in your sun sign of Scorpio, which helps to balane out that Saturn energy you are dealing with there. You also have Mercury and Pluto there, so you are ready to 'talk it out' in matters that are close to your heart, love and relationship, and you are ready for transformation in any way shape or form that will progress you through life. His Jupiter there helps this happen for you.

    Both of your Mars are not too far apart. Your Mars is in Virgo so you are very well organized in life and I am guessing he is not so good with that. You've seen his place, right? Socks everywhere, stuff hanging out of drawers. Geminis are not the neatest people in the world. Along with Capricorn (which I am, the goat is not always neat... 🙂 - Also your Venus is also next to your Mars in Virgo, so you not only like to be a well-managed person, you LOVE that part of your life. SO when situations arise that threaten your neatly arranged life (like a move unexpected!) you become very disoriented. That is because you have so much male-female energy associated with your organized and 'together' life. It is a reflection to you of love. You identify relationship very strongly with your surroundings. I bet you have little works of art, like cupids and heart shaped posters, or needlework doilies and what not hanging around. Those walls in that place and the furniture and every detail of your environment are a shining example of how you see love working for you.

    His Moon in Gemini is opposite your Jupiter in Sag, so that tells me that you like to jump up and go on trips sometimes and he was along for the ride and loving it. Whenever you two decide to really hook up I see some really fun travel worldwide and a lot of great experiences as you let yourself go in experiencing all that life has to offer and he will be very connected with you emotionally in that.

    Your Moon in Libra is also also helping his Venus to calm down, I mentioned how his Venus was helping you in Libra, well it goes both ways, Sometimes he goes overboard in love ways, and your emotional energy in Libra can help HIM to calm down a little in the love dept. At least you can 'try' to calm him down. That appears to be a lot of the fun between the two of you. You trying, and he is going after you anyway. 😉

    Your North Node is also in Gemini so you life path is actually trying to take you to the same place he already is. So you are drawn to him because you sense deep down that he has traits and strengths that you are trying to develop. An ability to see all sides of a situation and better understand other people's views is something you are being asked to develop in your life.

    His North Node is in Cancer so he is feeling a strong urge to settle down and focus on a loving relationship and family life. Could you see that with him?

    I think that all tells me that there is tremendous potential here for the two of you! Now that you are beginning to see how you fit together, the relationship can get back on track and you can enjoy the benefits of friendship without the issues that you had to wade through in the past.

    THE WORLD CARD - Wow! Expect something, a text or message from him now, and this will lead to something pretty amazing, a new development with him and this should bring your two worlds together again!

    As for me? Not a lot to say. I am an artist and write a lot (mostly personal journaling) and live in Spokane, WA. I like Thai food. I am currently watching the movie Alien for the hundredth time. What else would you like to know? I am looking for a nice, loving, sweet, tender, heartfelt, balanced, flowing, s exually fulfilling, romantic, communicative, open, honest, compassionate, creative relationship.

    THREE OF CUPS - something very sweet and very beautiful is about to surprise you in love SV... hang in there.

    Love, astra

  • AA - I'm so sorry I haven't had a chance to get back with you. I've been moving and it's been super hectic. 😕

    things went alright though and i'm completely moved back in with my parents. i guess it's for the best right now. i'm getting super anxious and I feel like I'm more snappy with them, but i think it's because i'm stressed and i'm not used to living with them again.

    thank you for the chart comparison, i'll probably only have time to answer you back in full when I get home tonight so I can read it fully and understand it better.

    My Gemini has been aloof. it's odd to me that he never communicates with me and I have to open up the communication channel all the time. even when we were together before. I don't know if that's just part of his personality or if it's just that he's not that into me. it's probably the latter.

    he told me on saturday that he's got a poetry competition on today so he'll be super busy until then. I have to give him his space. although tomorrow is my bday and i'm wondering if he even remembers...I guess I'll see if he does or not when tomorrow rolls around.

    I'm not thinking too much about it. i know if I do, it'll drive me crazy. I have other priorities to take care of anyway.

    anyway, i'll hopefully be able to read through your chart analysis and be able to look at it more closely tonight.

    take care. hope you're doing well! 🙂

  • Hi ScorpVirgo

    Well, I don't know about your Gemini... this goat didn't forget...

    Happy birthday.

    And a little drawing I just did for you...

    Wishing you have the best birthday ever.

    love and light,


  • Hi AA! I'm so sorry it's been SUPER hectic for me! thank you so much for the drawing and remembering my bday! Gemini forgot and felt pretty bad about it. he thought it was the 5th, lol.

    Anyway, according to your reading and our chart descriptions, we do complement each other and we ground each other when needed.

    Unfortunately, I met up with him on Friday night and we ended up talking all night and his feelings still stand. He still has feelings for me and loves me, but he’s worried about what our future will be like since we don’t have too much in common and that he doesn’t want to end up like his parents. We talked and fought a little and we got a LOT out of our systems. It ended on a sad note though. we parted ways and I don’t think he’s going to want to get back together.

    He kissed me a few times and I know in my heart that he still loves me but there’s some fear inside of him about what our future holds. I can’t fight for him anymore. I have tried SO very hard for him and he knows I have, he admitted it on Friday, but he just can’t get over his fears. My last thing I said to him was “I have fought for you for too long. Now it’s your turn if you want this. our differences are what we learn from to make us more whole. Everytime we start talking again, we make a breakthrough with how we communicate and we learn more about each other but I don’t know how to keep your confidence in keeping the relationship going”….he never replied. Maybe he’s thinking…I don’t know. I’ve been sad all weekend but at the same time I know that if it’s meant to be then it will be. he’s the only man who I’ve ever opened up this much to. and he’s the only one who I saw myself having a future with. Marriage, kids, house, travelling, LIFE…

    It’s difficult but I have to accept it.

    Thank you again for your birthday wishes. I absolutely LOVE your drawings. You don’t know this but I adore butterflies. I’ve been obsessed with them since I was little. Thank you!!! 🙂

  • bump 🙂

  • Hi ScorpVirgo

    Okay I hear you, it sounds like he has some fear issues that he's dealing with that are weighing the relationship down... "worried about what our future will be like since we don’t have too much in common and that he doesn’t want to end up like his parents." Huh? Sounds like his driving motivation in a relationship is A) Making sure you have a lot in common and B) Not ending up like his parents.

    Okay. It sounds like he has some real inner life issues to sort out before he can relax and enjoy a positive, faith-filled relationship. You are on the right path to steer clear of that while his angels "help him grow".

    Knight of Pentacles tells me you are focusing on your own practical needs and concerns right now which is GOOD for you. Material needs and your work, career, finances. Sounds like that is where Heaven has the focus for you now.

    Ace of Pentacles says that this mature attitude on your part will produce dividends in your near future, expect something new starting in the material/job realm, that will flow into your life nicely. I see very good things coming!

    And the Queen of Pentacles - so this is you and simple reaffirms what was said. You are reigning over your material concerns and taking care of business on the home front, and this is exactly where you need to be. Three Pents in a row is very strong energies of material responsibility, focus and blessings. Good job!

    The romance and emotional realm will take care of itself, your focus on practical matters is where it should be right now.

    Love and light


  • thanks AA. I just got tired of trying and being on the rollercoaster. when it comes down to it, he's got a fear of commitement. that's all it is. I'm sad that he gave up a good thing, but I put up a good fight and that's all that matters I guess.

    thanks for the cards. You're right. I am working on me and making more money and being more successful. that's what's important. finding someone right now seems to clearly not be the thing that the universe wants me to do. it's officially going on the back burner. I need to be successful for me and no one else. I'm the only one I depend on and I'm the only one who will support me right now. I love my friends and family and there are here for me also and that's what's important. me, my family, and my friends.

    if someone comes along, then great. unfortunately, my heart seems to still be with this Gem guy and I can't get over it. but I will keep my options open. I'm just not going to actively go out and try to seek someone. it's not proving well for me, lol.

    hope you're doing well 🙂

  • Hi AA, I just wanted to say hello and see how you were doing. I'm feeling a little down these past few days, but hopefully I'll pick back up soon. Still thinking about my Gem, but I know he's not in a good place internally right now. Until he realizes that he needs to work on himself and his insecurities, he won't make too much progress. 🙂

  • Hi ScorpVirgo!

    Hey, you are feeling a little down, it happens. I deal with it, we all do. You are in good company. Someone who claims they are always on top of the world, I would check their pulse and see if they still have a heartbeat.

    It's actually a great sign that you are still feeling deeply and are emotionally sensitive and tuned in. That doesn't help with the 'feeling' itself, however it is good to remember that it is a beautiful part of you.

    For you I drew the Seven of Coins and the Knight of Wands. It seems you are really dealing with the material options going on in your life right now. Job, career, money all of that is swirling around you. That seems to be where most of your focus is right now.

    However... the presence of this Knight feels like you could be soon impacted by a guy... a visitor... someone...

    Three of Cups. Well it is a nice guy.

    Page of Swords - you will soon be getting a message from this man.

    Six of Swords - he will be inviting you on a trip of some sort.

    Page of coins the message will have something to do with your material life as well. Definitely a message soon from this person.

    Who is he?

    The Devil - uh oh. Someone you shared a 'material' connection with... and it must have been nice.

    Two of Swords and the Hanged Man.

    Yeah I am getting that it is your Gemini (the Two Swords) and he has been upside down after you left his life... he would love to see you back...

    Three of Swords - yeah, some real heartbreak there.

    And the Devil again, Yes with him.

    Be expectant for something nice to happen, a message and a little trip for the two of you, really soon!

    Is it snowy where you are? For some reason I am getting a road, and white.

    love and light


  • thank you for the reading and cards AA. I appreciate it. I guess I'll just have to move in my own direction. if something picks back up with my Gem, though, I'm not sure I have the emotional strength to have any kind of relationship with him. it's so hard for me to understand him. he's so wishy-washy and it's too difficult to have him focus. It's like I get anxiety just thinking about picking something back up with him. I'm tired of putting my heart on the line when I have no idea what he wants. 😞

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