Is my troubled Scorpio in deep love i don't understand, or is this a flop?

  • Its been 3 years. We have lived together for one solid year. We've had a few fights that have almost broken us up over the years. We always come out of them feeling stronger and deeper connected to one another. I am a Gemini Girl, he is a Scorpio male.

    When i read about how 100% devoted, and sure scorpio men are in love, and how they would do absolutely everything and anything for those they love, I take a pause and exam-en my man harder. He talks about being confused sometimes, and about how there is this one little thing, this one little feeling that is holding him back from popping the question just yet. He tells me he needs time to sort himself out, and understand himself better, in order to be fair to me and give me his honest answer. He tells me he loves me he tells me how important i am to him, and how much he loves about this relationship, but then during a period of us being tense and arguing (we were forced into a long distance relationship) he once he told me 'then how come sometimes i don't feel that kind of love?' This has given me a lot of pause and doubt about how much he does love me. And even though he works to call and visit, and he will tell me, 'all we can do is wait this out, and hope that it works out in the end' , he isn't behaving like other scorpio's in love. Or so i read.

    i sometimes put pressure on him, cuz i don't understand what the hold up is, but i try my best to be patient. After all I way rather be with someone who is so sure within themselves that this is what he wants, rather then just following my lead. During these times, i feel shut out, and unimportant to him. (which i bet someone will tell me is me being too sensitive when with a scorpio.)

    So what happened to that scorpio 'YOU WILL KNOW WHEN THEY LOVE YOU' charm everyone is talking about? i know how i feel about him, and i know he hasn't made blazing trails out of the relationship...whats going on?

  • hi there treeshaker 🙂 cool name

    i'm a scorpio female ... but i'd like to offer my inisight if that's alright ...

    i understand what you mean about what you've read .. about scorpios and being in love .. it is all very true .. however ... just like every other sign .. we have our moments .. and yes .. being that we are a fixed sign and slow to change .. perhaps those moments can translate into months or years. but we try to work through whatever lessons are being presented to us at the moment with everything we have.. and we know sometimes what we have to work with at that moment is a little murky. thanks to our emotions having such a say in our perception .. they cloud our ability for action... and we won't act or speak in absolutes, in fear of harming someone we love..and because we're unsure ourselves. perhaps inaction is causing the harm itself .. but trust me .. if you knew the energies we have to work with (thank your lucky stars - literally haha - that you're an air sign) .. you'd understand why. so we keep them inside and deal with the hurt ourselves .. not wanting to compromise our relationships .. because deep down we care so deeply. we know the beauty of life .. trust me .. but there is a karmic link to being a scorpio that is so profound it is impossible to ignore. it is our destiny. most scorpios have dealt with some sort of trauma in their lives .. we don't really work that all out until we're older .. and i guess that goes for people in general. if his saturn is in libra .. which i'm guessing it is .. he's been coming to terms with some hard truths .. but it is surely getting better. from the sounds of it .. you can take his words as is...but if you like i can take a look at his chart and yours to give you more details. i know one of myyy biggest wishes is to be more understood .. but i'm learning to accept my ways and believe the people who love me unconditionally are the ones who have stuck around .. and i absolutely MUST keep them in my life .. because they don't come a dime a dozen .. and that's pretty much all i got for ya here .. unconditional love. an even bigger lesson for scorpios right now is realizing JUST HOW AMAZING WE ARE AT LOVING. perhaps through all of lifes trials and tribulations and trying to understand our relationships (of any nature) we lost that about ourselves.

    i understand you have to put yourself first .. and you should .. as ultimately your scorpio man is doing himself, right? but if you really do love this man unconditionally .. there is a way of doing so without shutting him out or demanding action... and that comes through understanding .. and acceptance of your own misgivings. this .. in essense.. is what he is going through right now as a scorpio ... this is what the universe has presented to him .. to learn to love others through loving himself first.... and that's some heavy stuff for us.

    relationships are a reflection of how we view ourselves ... always remember that. patience my dear .. patience. for the more balanced scorpios.. marriage is so sacred .. and we want it to be til the end .. and we'll make sure that happens... when the time is right.

    i hope that made sense and was helpful ..... 🙂

    btw ... i love gemini's ... such a relief to have someone around who isn't so deep and heavy like me.... good energy.

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