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  • I'm not sure where to start. I recently returned to school and am having a rough time. I wasn't expecting college to be like this. When I was attending from 18-20, people weren't quite as cruel. Some days I come home and feel sick. But, I feel like I should stick it out. Some of the people aren't so bad, but others can be just downright mean. I feel like without a degree my prospects are slim. I found myself unemployed and doing nothing before I went back to school. And online programs do not provide the interpersonal interaction and connections that I need. What would you advise?

    I also have had recent issues with feeling alone, like I'll be alone for the rest of my life. The ironic part is that I used to be perfectly fine with this. Then, someone entered my life. We don't know each other and I really don't feel like any type of relationship is possible. At a stretch, maybe a friendship or professional relationship. But, another part of me feels like I should avoid him altogether. We have a lot in common, but I get angry with him because we seem to disagree on some issues that are very important to me. I was hoping for clarity and guidance on this issue. If I'm meant to be alone, could you give advice on how to accept that? Thank you very much.

  • mh83

    Life brings with it some darkness and it is there for us to learn how to deal with it and become stronger in our core which equals mind, will and emotions. You are being tested at this point . If you let what is said become a truth than you are losing the battle, when you enter into the classroom , see a white light of protection around yourself and ask that AA Michael walk with you to protect you from negative people and thoughts.

    If you feel that you should avoid this man that does not meet your expectations , than by all means do so, don't waste your time or his. You are not meant to be alone my dear. You will be meeting a man that seems to have teacher protentional written all over him, so I do believe he will want to become a teacher. He has dark hair and a beautiful smile along with good moral fiber in his bones. I feel his friends will excite your inner imaginenation and you will blossom with his loving care and intentions. He is coming in rather close by you like you may meet through studies or a library.


  • Thank you very much, Shuabby. The last part really surprised me. And I'll definitely try the white light protection ritual. I was thinking of carrying a medal of AA Michael with me to remind me to ask for his protection. Thanks again.

  • Shuabby-

    I was wondering if you could provide more info on the man I am to be meeting. Is it possible that we've already met? I was just worried that I met him and blew it! Are there any other distinguishing features about him? Could you give me a first name or inital? Thanks!

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