Will my crabby come back...?? Please help

  • I've been going out with cancerian man. Got frustrated when he not communicating for a few days and tried to get a reaction by making him jealous.Ever since he has been ignoring me flat out. If's already seven weeks. After reading some of the posts on here i could see that i had nothing to complain about. He never forgot about a date and always been on time.

    I love him dearly and miss him so so much. Could anybody give me advise Please?

  • I guess the question I have is how did you make him jealous?

  • dpc03: how long have y'all been going out? cancer men are hard to honor you with trusting you and i have been tested without him even realizing it. once they get hurt or lose trust i hear it takes years to get over it. do you mind if i ask what you did to make him jealous? actually go out with another guy or innocent flirting?

  • Thank you for your replies. Cancercan and edwjennifer, i haven't done anything drastic. I would think rather innocent. Went and changed my dating profile as to look for someone caring, loving, sensitive and who has time for ME. Oh sorry, we've been going out for a couple of months.

  • That's all you did and he hasn't spoken to you in seven weeks? Ugh, I'm getting sick of these cancer men. I guess he figured that meant you were done with him. Why don't you try letting him know that you miss him and want to speak to him? Have you tried communicating with him at all?

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