My Virgo Dilemma

  • I have a Virgo man dilemma and I'd appreciate anyone that can guide me on what to do.

    We were initially best friends for a couple months and then he was insistent that we get together, as in he pursued me.

    Fast forward 3 years later, we've broken up twice because I find out he was cheating with another girl and it was the same girl twice. We've been yo-yoing between being in a relationship ( when things are amazing) to be just friends ( when things are bad). I haven't been able to cut off complete ties till 6 months ago.

    When things are good, its amazing, we're happy and in sync and loving and having fun and then he goes and ruins it by seeing the same girl ( who also was a gf to him).

    After the last time we broke up because of his infidelity we decided in being just friends. Although during that period we acted like a couple but with no commitment.

    Things got to a head 6 months ago, when one day he was intimate and close to the very next day him telling me that I should move on and look for another man.

    Which I did, we had a huge argument and I pretty much told him to stuff it and we were no longer friends.

    Unlike other times, I actually stuck to my words and have stopped talking to him.

    2 months later, he emails me telling me he doesn't understand why we stopped talking, he misses me and he wants me to talk to him again. I respond to say it isn't happening and that I've moved on and I can't be his friends because it wouldn't be fair on me and him.

    he has responded to say he's "got love" for me .. what does that mean ?

    anyways, he's been consistently messaging me telling me whats wrong and why aren't we talking etc etc and that he misses me etc etc

    I'm trying to move on and its been hard.. and he's making it hard for me.. why ? I've long came to the realisation that he only ever wanted me as a friend with benefits.. so why is he insistent that I talk to him? ( i know he's at least seeing the same girl again)

    we haven't had a proper conversation since that argument six month ago and thats what he wants .. should I call him and get it over with ? or is this him playing hurt ?

    I don't get virgo men.. he fits the bill of a virgo man.. but why isn't he allowing me to move on like I've told him I'm doing numerous times and he suggested himself at the beginning.

    I appreciate anyone who can help me.. I know its a confusing situation.

  • Dear NSailor. Please read thoroughly the thread "The heart of a Virgo man". You'll find all the answers there.

    Few words to sum it up - most Virgo men are incapable to commit themselves to just one woman. It's like asking them to change their nature. I've been in your situation for the last 12 years. Believe me, it won't ever improve on a consistent basis. One way or another, he'll find the way of being unfaithful to you - if not physically, then emotionally.

  • Thank you for you're response.. I am in the process of going through the thread "The heart of a Virgo man".. such an eye opener.. I really didn't think that it was built within them .. The process of moving on is definitely taking a while.. but I believe I'm past the hard part and finally at peace with it all.. Thank you for taking the time to respond to me 🙂

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