Watergirl, I need your help

  • Hello,

    I am very lost and don't know what to do about this situation. My boyfriend told me in July that he had no choice but to break off with me and that it really hurt and he was crying on the phone. 2 weeks later he calls to tell me he made the wrong decision about breaking off. I haven't seen him since April.Last time I spoke to my virgo boyfriend (September 2, 1963) I (March 25, 1954) told him I felt like I was hanging on a thread with him and I didn't like that feeling and if it's over , it's fine. I just want my items back and there would be no problem. This was in August and I'm not chasing him. I called and left a message on his voicemail for his birthday on September 2nd and never heard back. Why did he not end it completely. Did he really love me and does he really want to end this. Is he in a dark place, does he have someone else. I just don't understand, he disappeared in July and things were fine before that, when he told me he decided to break it off he was crying on the phone and said he had no choice. This was a long distance relationship about an hour away, then 2 weeks later he calls to say he made the wrong decision and wants me in his life. Is this torture or what? We were together for 4 years. I'm just trying to wrap my brain around this confusion. He never acknowledged the birthday voicemail and I have not spoken to him since August 23. I would like my things back and I don't know if and when I should contact him, or what is going on with him.

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