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  • AstraAngel,

    In reading a few items in the forum i see that you do readings.. can you do one for me.. i really need some guidance.. I've been dating a Taurus man who is over 10 years younger than me. We've been dating for 5 months, when we do spend time together we have a great time the only issue for me is that we dont see eachother as much as i would like. We see each other a weekend a month. Then he does the disappearing acts and sometimes just ignores my text and doesnt respond. Bottom line, I want to know if this guy is into me or not? is he just wasting my time? I really like him and i'm willing to be patient as i know with Taurus men you need alot of patience.. but if i had some kind of insight if that's the right move it would help greatly.

    Thank you.

  • If you dnt mind me asking how old are you????

  • Hi LeoLadyLove

    I am going to try something a little different with you, using the Fairy Oracle Deck by Brian Froud. For some reason I had a voice whisper to use this deck, so let's see... this will be kind of free-form, however I am sure we will arrive at the truth of the matter - "is he really into you?"

    First card - Luathus the Wild - This card represents wild creative energies. Wow, when you said you have a "great time" you weren't kidding! This card indicates a fiery nature and this is what it is like when you are together. No wonder you are wanting to know more about him, you want these weekends to turn into something longer... much longer!

    Second card - and a question for the Fairies! "Dear Fairies, what is the heart of the Taurus BF toward LeoLady? And we draw...

    The Dark Lady!

    Hey, this is looking good LeoLady... Unconscious power and wisdom, rituals, mysteries, secrets.... his feelings toward you are very profound. He senses a power in you that he wants more of, and is deeply enchanted by your personality and nature. He also senses how serene you are even though your times together are not that often. My sense is that is actually playing a part, kind of a turn on for him... he is getting off on how collected and calm you are even though the meet ups are only monthly (so far!)

    Third card - "Okay Fairy Oracles, can you tell us more about Taurus man.. what will it take to see him turn the corner and spend more time with LeoLadyLove? And we draw...

    Faery Guide!

    Hey this is a card that is intended to be a personal creation of your own. Very cool... this card is all about guidance and "direct communication with the Fairy". So the word I am receiving here is that YOU need to tune in as well to his energy and discern his heart with the help of your Fairy Guide. I am getting a strong sense that you are supposed to be reading for yourself, and that you have gifts there that are intended to help you understand this man, and any relationship. So, that was a word from the Fairy realms for you, now they are telling me to continue and draw another card...

    And we have "The Master Maker" which is invention and magician, moral strength... this card has a lot of creative energy associated with it. ANd the word I am hearing for you is to expand what you are creating with the Taurus man, change it up a little next time. Introduce something new into your routine. Try something different. Experiment. Be creative and exuberant and fill your time with some wild, untamed new experiences and you will connect with him even deeper. And that could be what he is looking for... he wants the relationship to grow, and deepen, however he is waiting to see how serious you are about it first. ANd that requires more than words. It is in the thousand and one things you are expressing in other ways, your scent, your hair, your being, your environment. I think the fairies want you to create a fairy wonderland in your love environment! Also, you are to listen to his words closely the next time you are together. He wants to know you are really tuning into his heart and being a great listener is the key there. So, beautify and create some new fairy like settings in your place, or where ever you meet. And focus on yourself, how you express yourself to him. Make each time with him DIFFERENT and unique in some way. Maybe the next meet up is "jungle theme" maybe next time you are spies LOL... do you see? Be creative and expand your talents in new ways and create memorable experiences that will leave him HUNGRY for MORE. I guarantee he will be out the door and back the next day.

    Another card, and this will be the last one. we want to see where your relationship is heading?

    Solus - Solus is radiant, energizing, vitalizing. This is a powerful sign of good things to come. "Something new is being brought into being in our lives" - LeoLadyLove you are on a rocket ride to the heart of the Sun with this person. Follow the instructions of the Fairies as best as you can and you are going to see as much of this gentleman as you want!

    I hope that gave you some food for thought! I like this deck, the Fairies are wonderful!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Love and peace!


  • Wow! That was a great reading!! thank you so much for taking the time I wasn't expecting that.. I will continue to be patient..

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