Can you help me with these cards please?

  • What I see is that a "healing" is needed here. However, usually healing means closing up a wound and giving it time to mend. His Ace of Cups and 2 of Cups does indeed suggest that he is involved with someone else. You as Temperance and the nature of the issue as the 9 of Wands is the indication of the healing that is needed on your part. This is self-healing - a healing of the interior rather than the exterior. The Queen of Wands is a strong, capable woman who knows what she wants and believes in her own ability. She does not give her power away to anyone - she knows her worth - and does not allow anyone to step on or over her or take advantage of her. This is your obstacle - to become the positive aspect of the Queen of Wands. The shadow side of this Queen shows up as low self-esteem and giving your power away to someone else as you do not believe in your ability to take care of yourself or in your inherent beauty. Your Knight of Wands in the present as well as the Empress as the Lesson indicates to me that in the future you need to remember that the physical attraction is not all there is to a relationship - it fades - and time should be given to allow a true connection to develop. The 6 of Swords as a challenge means that your challenge is to "sail away" from this situation, move on to better things. The Chariot as an outcome is you being at the helm again - moving forward in your life with the reigns in your hands. It also represents emotional balance.

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