Can you help me with these cards please?

  • Hey newbee2,

    I will take shot and I am sure others will jump in also...

    1. Present situation - the Knight of Wands - You are wanting to be chased by this Knight of Wands which represents a fiery individual

    2. My world - Temperance - You are holding your own in this matter, you want to believe in a reunion, and are keeping a balance between optimism and realism, identified by the Temperance energy.

    3. His World - Ace of Cups - Love is top most in his world right now, and he has his sights set on securing this love at all costs

    4. Nature of Issues - Nine of Wands - Shows some battles from the past between you and him. Whatever it was, created the pain and yet it also created a shared identity in the relationship around that experience. My sense is that you both still feel a connection because you weathered the storm spiritually. Although now you are apart physically.

    5. Obstacles - Queen of Wands - This ties back to that "present situation" which is the Knight of Wands seeking your heart. The obstacle in this case is you as the Queen over the matter. I want to say that the reunion rests mostly in your hands at this point.

    6. Lesson and Signs - The Empress - Nurturing atmosphere was what you wanted, and it did not happen in the relationship. You have learned a great lesson and are ready to apply yourself towards a new love start one way or the other. The lesson of the Empress will be felt in all of your relationships throughout the rest of your life.

    7. My hopes and Fears - Knight of Swords - Again, the Knight. You want so much to feel that heavenly feeling again, the way he looked at you, and what you felt with him close. It is your dream and you would give anything to be there again. You fear that he is off in another world, unapproachable, however this is only a feeling and not the reality of his heart.

    8. His hopes and fears - Two of Cups - He also more than anything desires true love and is open to that from any direction. The word I am getting is that the breakup was not about you, or anything you did wrong. It had mostly to do with him, he was not ready... now he is ready to step into something meaningful and tender.

    9. Challenges - Six of Swords - The ocean of distance that seems to separate you can seem overwhelming. The good news is that is all easily changed and the crossing can come at any time. You are connected to him in some way that is not impacted by the fact that he is somewhere else. His heart-spirit still linger around you and you reach out to him even now. And he is reaching out to you.

    10. Outcome - the Chariot - Well, when it hits, it will hit hard and fast. The both of you, together again, and wow! What a dust storm in your wake. Everyone had best stay out of your way because any relationship that weathered what yours did, and then to see a fresh new start? Well, there is a reason for those cupid arrows. They make you start running!

    And I see you running to him, I would totally reach out any way you can, as his heart is still connected to you (otherwise you would not even be posing the question).

    Good luck, I agree with your other reader... get in touch and yes... good news!

    Love and peace and more love...

    astra 🙂

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