Cosmic Reporter: Welcome to Eclipse Season

  • -- This is a re-posting of the Cosmic Reporter's blog entry from July 15, 2008

    Maybe it seems a little early to be blogging about an astro-event that’s a few weeks away, but I’m starting to feel it. Feel what? The intensity, pressure and emotional drama of the August 1st Solar Eclipse in Leo.

    As of this Friday’s Full Moon in Capricorn, we will have officially entered what I fondly refer to as “Eclipse Season.” We get two of these periods every year, each lasting approximately six weeks — starting two weeks before the first Eclipse and ending about two weeks after the second.

    Eclipses come in pairs (sometimes in threes), and are basically super-charged New or Full Moons. Since ancient times, Eclipses have been considered bad omens, signifying the death of monarchs, among other unpleasant events. Indigenous peoples performed rituals and ceremonies and offered sacrifices at Eclipses, to ensure that the Sun and Moon returned.

    We don’t have too much royalty around anymore, but often the deaths of significant celebrities and politicians coincide with Eclipse Season. We also see explosive world events happen during these times. Mundane astrologers, who apply the Cosmic Science to world affairs, make predictions based on the degree of the zodiac at which the Eclipse occurs, the duration of the Eclipse, as well as other factors.

    On a personal level, we modern astrologers tend to view Eclipses in a more positive light — as catalysts for change. The extent to which Eclipses ignite transformation in your own life depends on how the Eclipse is interacting with your personal astrological make-up (i.e., how the planets at the time of the Eclipse interact with the planets in your birth chart).

    Eclipses are times when what has been repressed or denied comes into consciousness. Not always a fun time (hey, there’s a reason we repressed those things in the first place!), but necessary and helpful in the long run. Think of it as a bi-annual emotional cleansing or purging. You’ll notice that illness is more common during these times, as we cleanse on a physical level as well.

    This intense energy will keep on building as we approach the Eclipses (the second is a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 16th, by the way). You’ll be hearing a lot more about how to work with Eclipses, but my advice for now is to breathe, find ways to stay grounded, and consider what elements in your life may be ready for transformation.

    Is anyone else feeling the pressure?

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