How do I start a conversation with a Libra guy?

  • Im in High school, And I really like this libra guy. I havent talked to him in awhile, as I dont have any more classes with him. So weve known eachother for a a couple of years. Our lockers are next to eachother, but Im always to chicken to say anything. How can I strike up something that a Libra would find interesting and not creepy, haha.


  • simply said, simply open up . . . open your mouth and say AnyThing. Libras are people people. They find most anything interesting but do be CareFull- I know LOTS of them, have relatives that I love but can't stand, don't like one iota. Libras are creep and very sneaky sometimes although they are tagged as the most balanced of the zodiac. JUST BE YOUR~SELF~♥~! THAT is more than good enough, you aren't any less than anyone else, don't sell yourself short and don't give them too much credit before they earn it either, I have learned this the hard way, especially with Libras. so relax and say whatever you feel like, in the present moment. the precious present. : )

  • creep-y. how funny~! a freudian slip, perhaps? I am dealing with one huge CREEP

    that happens to be a Libra right now. 😮

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