Advice and Guidance please

  • I thought i had been moving on from a friendship with benefits relationship, but i never really knew for sure if he married or what.

    By pure and utter chance i re-connection's to face book, with in my socialising group..

    I got talking to someone who name and connect friend , drove me to click on that person who had same name as one of his children, again i just followed my gut instinct, as i followed each i added up sister to baby bruv to dad.. when looked on friends, who turns up but he does.

    I double checked today, her pic is of a dog in which now i see is the same he posted me in November, and she has the same name Charlie.. her info does not say married.. s is blank .

    I sent a friend request to his dad, and he accepted..

    Im in stalemate as what do i really want to do or should do..

    Im Arian when we hurt we react on impulse i have learnt to control that urge.. I know it doesn't always get you what you want.

    I just want to know for complete sureness he is married to this lady..but im feeling wary of how many people am i going to hurt in process.

    i worry about Karma what you give out you get back centrefold.

  • Advice: stay away.

    If all this searching is by chance and you end up with no answers...there is no point. (especially if it wil cause problems and headaches for yourself)


  • Thankyou scorpwolf,

    I believe it was a sign to seek what i wanted and i got it, He was not to best pleased when he found out id contacted his family.. unsure if got message i sent wife, although don't get me wrong, i just hinted at knowing him.. im getting soft in my older age, im not that vindictive,

  • Make it worse, his dad has been texting me, and my god does it sound like father son.. i also have the gut feel that he is doing it not his dad , as to what he said on phionbe i have no doubt he would do thjat , just see what id say.


  • Oh dear scully21, when you really want out of a situation ... you leave it! no strings, nothing. If you don't stop all ties and communications with this will get hurt. That's the truth!


  • I have got what i wanted.. confirmation

    There no more contact... done know.. its a lesson to be learnt to listen to your gut when it tells you he married and listen to it


  • Absolutely, and good for you!


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