Thought this person was a friend.....

  • Looking for a reading. I've recently been offered a branch management opportunity where one of my duties is to recruit and hire sales staff. I know someone (Capricorn male, born in 1957) who approached me a while back indicating he'd be interested in working in a sales position part time. Since I knew him and had been a past associate, I felt he may be a good candidate. Yesterday while meeting with him along with a recruiting representative from my new company, he made some rather condescending comments regarding me to this person. The comments were clearly meant to cast a shadow of doubt regarding my competency as a manager, even though this person has "sung my praises" in the past. I'm wondering if he is trying to overshadow me and sabotage my opportunity. Unfortunately, the company recruiting rep was impressed with his knowledge of our business and seemed to be interested in him as a sales person. At this point in time, since I believe this person has clearly demonstrated his true self and lack of integrity to me, I do not want him in my employ. I plan to express this to my company next week, however, I'm concerned with how this is going to play out and if in fact my position is now in jeopardy.

    Thanks for your insight.

    Blessings and light to all,


  • Taurus57,

    There is a saying and that is : Never tell what you don't want repeated.

    You now know that this former friend is not a person you want on board your ship. He is looking to oust you and take your position if he can. Desperate people do these type of things.

    I feel you will be luckey and he will not be hired under you.

    Your job is not in jeopardy at all , or the branch management opportunity would not have been offered to you.

    Friends sometimes change due to circumstane in life and if they see you moving ahead of them and think that it should be THEM instead of you , they will prove that envy has taken over and the friendship will need to go into another direction (more guarded) or end.

    Don't worry is what I get for you as you have learned something through this experience and now will move ahead with your radar alert and be able to have a winning team on your side.


  • Shuabby,

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and your insight. I too felt jealousy and envy were his reasons for doing this. He already has a job, but apparently, not as rosy there as he's tried to pass it off. I definitely will not be offering a sales (or any) position to him as he has clearly demonstrated to me who he really is!

    Thank you again and many blessings and light to you.


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