Week of Oct 1 one question yes or no answers only

  • Thank you for the generous offer.

    I did a tarot reading that was a simple year spread. I pulled three cards for each season. For the Winter season (This Winter coming up) I pulled The Lovers, The Empress, Four of Wands. I just want to know if my intuition about the possible meaning of this combination was correct or not. My intuition is telling me that I am going to get pregnant this Winter.

  • helbells

    You are a wonderful person. Yes there is someone at work who does not have your best interests at heart. It is not going to be a problem for you. Do not show hostility be kind.

    l and l


  • TT

    Yes before April



  • Paddi

    A job, Yes. Dream job, not for two years.

    Follow your dreams, all else will follow.



  • stoneye

    What happened to that gorgeous guy from last time. I still see him by your side....?



  • scorpiosuz

    so sorry, dont think so.



  • HappyDoc

    give J a shove, and it will work out nicely



  • redrubylips

    Move on sweetie.



  • hi dmick

    stop carrying heavy things. always go to the dr sweetie.



  • Hi twinsoul, thanks for the offer

    Have a question or two does Ed loves me? we are apart do you think we will be together again?

    thank you.

  • Hi twinsoul

    I'm waiting for Rachel to call me, when will she do it?

    Thanks and many blessings

  • This post is deleted!

  • LOL sometimes the meds are the best answer Dmick get well soon!

    Hugs to twinsoul, a job, any job, would be a relief.

    THXxxxx P

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello TwinSoul,

    Thank you so much; appreciated!!

    Light and Love,


  • Welcome back Twinsoul

    So great to see you´re doing well and is fine of health. I´ll keep waiting patiently as a good girl for my reply, which at this time has no rush what so ever.



  • Hi twinsould thanks very much for your answer!

    Since english is not my first language I actually looked up what a shove means (see below).... so the question is should I push J out of my life?? or push J by helping him open up??

    Sorry to bother you again, just want to make sure I understand...

    1. To push forward or along.

    2. To push rudely or roughly. See Synonyms at push.


    To push someone or something with force.


    The act of shoving; a push


  • Thanks Twinsoul. The guy from last time ended up being really manipulative and secretive. I gave him the heave-ho about two months ago. Not trustworthy and also too much of an age gap between us.

    I've been on a dating roller coaster since leaving my last serious boyfriend about a year and a half ago. I had to leave him for very personal health reasons that I never fully explained to him and I contacted him about a month ago to see if he we could start up communication again so i could explain. He seemed interested in rekindling things at first and then said no in a TEXT message a week later. We had been talking about marriage a year and half ago. I finally wrote and sent him a letter explaining the situation a few weeks back and have heard nothing from him since. Could it be him? Is my ex the gorgeous guy you see? I would so love to have him back now that my life is restored. We never resolved anything and he's not given me a chance to explain since. I know that's more than one question. Thank you though. xx

  • hi twinsoul: I have been away for a while - sometimes lurking and reading. Things have been getting abit better for me as I hope they have for everyone. It seems the last 2 or 3 years has a lot of folks beaten down.

    I have a simple question for you. I have a very good friend. his first and last name initials would be RR. We are connected at a very high level. I suspect he may entertain thoughts of being more than just very good friends. Do you see this developing into a "more than just friends" relationship?

    thanks so much and have a good day. Love td

  • Hi Twinsoul,

    Am feeling that my current job is not the one for me, though there is now a long term offer. Feel evil eyes at work too. Is the right job for me within reach and what are the signs to look out for?

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