Week of Oct 1 one question yes or no answers only

  • hi again

    Yes we got lost amid all of the requests

    Lets try again



  • Hi ts,

    is there something threatning me at work (ie, do i need to be worried about a particular colleague being out to get me?)

    Thanks for your help and hope you're not mad at me from the previous thread. I realise on paper things may look bad but i'm really not a bad person and i don't wish anyone harm and i do try to do the right thing.

    Bless x

  • Hello Twinsoul,

    Would like to know, do you see me my house selling soon?

    Thank you for your focus. Light and Love to you 🙂


  • HI twinsoul I am going to jump in again and ask you if my husband is going to get a job in Ireland soon.

    Hugs Paddi

  • Dear Twinsoul,

    Every time I think of a yes or no question to ask you, I realize I already know the answer : )

    Thank you!

    blessings & light,


  • HI Twin Soul. Will the guy I've been seeing most recently turn into anything serious? Many thanks!

  • Hi Twinsoul,

    I have just got back with my ex - is our relationship going to work out this time?

    Thank you

  • Hi twinsoul 🙂

    Will Tim at my job ever ask me out?

  • Hi twinsoul! long time no see, hope everything is going well for you and your family

    thanks so much for the offer! the question is:

    Should I continue to be patient with J in regards to a relationship?

    Thanks very much in advance, cheers! Lucia

  • Morning TwinSoul

    Will my Taurus man and I get back together?


  • Twinsoul,

    Thanks for your offer. I have a chance to go to casnios the 6th thru the 9th. Would like to know if you see me winning?

    Thanks again and have a blessed day.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Twin soul- Are me and my Taurus friend, done for good?

    Blessing Thank you.

  • Hi Twinsoul,

    Thank you for the offer.My Question is "Will i get a job?".Thanking you in advance.

  • hi twin soul... first timer.. In general life is good and with a new grandchild just born I feel really blessed.. Question: Will the current financial stresses within my household ease... Feel a bit burned out by it... Oh and will my older daughter settle within herself.. hmmm cryptic I know but you will work that one out... Thanks again.. Love reading this section..

  • Hi Twinsoul,

    I would like to know if the relationship between my Virgo boyfriend and I is over in his mind, and will I meet someone new soon. He broke it off in July, told me he made the wrong decision in August.

  • Hi twinsoul, sorry I got lost on your other.. I'll copy and paste my post..

    "Hi Twinsoul

    I've been searching these forums for a long time, observing and being amazed and I recently asked...

    Will my promise ring be returned to me? It fell off my finger into a gutter (which is blocked) and I have not yet lost hope...It is temporary until my partner buys me an engagement ring, however it is still my most valued posession. Will I find it, or am I on a wild goose chase? "

  • Hi Twinsoul! Hope all is well with you.

    It seems most of my drama revolves around guys. I feel I can tell who I can work out with and who I would not be good with. My heart just can't let go of a Sag guy I used to date. will we ever be together again?

    Happy day to you 🙂

  • Thank you so much for the offer. I will move on from my relationshp problems and ask about retirement. I had planned to retire at Christmas but have changed my mind to later.

    Is April a good time for me to retire or should I do it B4 or after April

  • Hi TwinSoul

    So great of you to offer this. I´m happy to see that you stick to your guns aka criterias.

    That said here is my questionb which at this moment lies very heavy on my mind,

    Will I ever be a mother, meaning giving birth to children who are of my biological setup n genes?


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