Would like to know who is in my house?

  • my name is amber and i have had some terrible events happen over the summer and now theres interesting things happening. my spirit guide came to me in a dream and told me eveything was going to be okay. I dont think its evil or harmful. Thought about getting a ouija board to communicate but feel uneasy about the whole ouija board just from warnings from mediums. If someone could help id appreciate it. also maybe answer why i wasn't taken too?

  • Leave the ouija board alone. What is your intention? You have guides and spirits all around you--they speak when you listen and need no invitation. The board is a different intention and will only open a door you have no skills to manage. What is your true curiosity? The board is a game--usually for the young who still like to play--and get a bit scary. If your angel spoke to you--listen--and stop seeking more than you already have. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Your angel was trying to tell you--I'm here---help is always here--trust that and don't go looking for more. BLESSINGS!

  • i think he was referring to my concern of losing my kids at that time my fear was overwhelming now all has settled down but wanted to know if it was my friend that passed away in my house o r my parents....i feel like theres a message but im trying to hard to figure out that im overlooking the simplicity of it. in my pic here i see a skull and that was my friends favorite thing to draw n had numerous tattoos of them..is it him? n whats the message?

  • The spirit coming across is attached to the boy in the picture. He very much needs to move on--this spirit is a recent cross-over and is not to be encouraged to stay. Your guarding Angel is directly above you--same picture---there is a conflict--your angels want you to be safe and are protecting you. This "friend" who passed you need to not think of him too much or encourage communications--he is too clinging to earth energies. When you feel him just tell him he needs to go back to God. Wish him well. Let him go.BLESSINGS!

  • the man that passed away was my boyfriend and very good to both my boys and knew my concerns with starting a relationship primarily had to do with their lives being affected by a man other than their father taking the role, making sure they wouldn't be hurt in the long run and etc. and I lost the child i was carrying when he passed. See he passed in my house, the same place where the picture was taken and same room. I don't blame myself for what happened because it was his decision but I feel like why wasn't I taken to? under the circumstances that caused his death. I know he doesn't blame me although his family does, and I feel a sadness at times that makes me breakdown and cry its not my feelings that become overwhelming but someone elses. Does he feel bad for the struggle he put me in? His death gave my kids dad an opening to cause me great pain and is threatening to remove the kids from my care because of the death. Maybe thats why he stays. Thank you blmoon I am trying to develop my intuition or whatever it is but dont grasp or inderstanding all the time or till after things occur than i can put two and two together. maybe over time i can thank you again

  • When we cross over we take nothing with us but love. Much of our earthly emotions of fear regret pain or loss stay on earth. You must maintain a positive energy right now and move away from his energy---do him the greatest favour and do not draw him near but insist he goes to God--he is too earth bound and if he goes to God he will be in a place of pure love. Stop wondering and worrying and you need to move forward away from death----Your sons ned you to do this for them as well.

    my prayer foryou.

    Dear Saint Michael--with your big heart and mighty sword--protect this family ---raise your sword should any energy attempt to divide them. Help this mother see the light ahead leading her out of this dark time. Dear Mother Mary--give her your strength and wisdom so she can find clarity in the messages her Angels whisper into her ear as she sleeps. And Dear God the Father please send your healing Angels to lead this soul who lingers on earth----take his hand and lead him home. Thank You--Amen.

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