Need Help with Missing Earrings!

  • Hello all! Hope this finds you well. I need your help, as I have misplaced my favorite earrings somewhere in my home. I have searched high and low, and I am continuously dreaming about them but waking before I see where I set them or where they went. They are half hoops containing diamonds and sapphires. They were given to me by my significant other and I will be heartbroken if they are gone for good. Can anyone help?

  • Check behind a tall set of drawers.

  • I've searched high and low around every set of dressers we own. Am I being blocked from finding them for some reason? I appreciate all the help...

  • I still feel they have dropped behind something - they are in the shadows of your home, is what I am 'hearing'.

  • Thank you for your help Captain. You've confirmed what I have been feeling for several weeks.

  • I wish I could return and say they have been found, but I cannot. I feel that I am being "blocked" by something from locating them. Anyone have insight into what I can do to "unblock myself and locate them? I haven't given up searching, and I won't because I truly "hear" them speaking to me....

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