S.O.U.L Circle October 2nd 2011 - What did you experience?

  • Time here is 4:56....THE END IS NEAR !!! hehe couldn't resist....

    Angel Number 456 can be seen as a sign of ‘steps’, inferring that you are taking appropriate steps in your life to advance you in a positive fashion. The necessary steps are being taken to achieve your ultimate goals and aspirations.

    Everybody have a great experience, let's Light up the Universe good people 🙂

  • Hi all,

    I hope you had a wonderful experience today. It like my sense of linear time this week is well pretty much lacking. I think I went into the circle in what I call No-time which encompasses all time. I send into the circle early in linear time twice. As I am new to doing that I hope it connected successfully at the right time in linear time with you all. I think I went so deep i don't remember much but the energy felt very different. Strangely it feels like its doing something now even as I type. Very strange experience. It's like the energy build up I had in my fingers and toes is releasing. I am looking forward to hearing everyone's experience. My body feels like it vibrating and releasing light a lot.

    Love and light,


  • Sorry SH,

    I stayed late last night and slept in. As it turns out I was awake during the meditation but did not know it. As soon as I realized it was Sunday, I jumped out of bed to see what time it was (lost my alarm clock under the bed yesterday and never bothered to dig it out being the weekend and all).

    Turns out it was 10:13 about the time I would be ending my meditation.

    As for what I saw dreampt during the time...don't rightly remember but there was a baby owl in it.


  • What does a baby owl represent?

  • Hello everyone!

    Today was my first free opportunity to "join" you all! Thank you for the openness 🙂

    Not sure if I've got the "hang" of how this all flows yet. I can say that I struggled at bit, as I often do to apprehend, my thought pattern, lol! Was kind of all over the place initially but did then later settle down and I was able to feel in the present moment. I kept visualizing bright light and silently chanting the phrase, "I bless this circle with pure love and light, I bless this circle with purified source energy", that was how I was able to imagine 'connecting' with everyone.

    Can't say I experienced anything earth shattering and being a newbie not sure really what I should expect, lol, but I can say I feel a sense of ease/calm after wards and at one point I felt a tingling/coolness/chill come over my entire body, like a rush of wind from my head down to my feet and then it left. Was quite odd, but stimulating at the same time. At one point though, I did see a couple clouds of smoke cross by my visual field, kind of like how smoke travels from a lite cigarette; I found that odd, lol!!

    At any rate 'thank you for your energy, light and love'!! I'll now start this brand new day, refreshed and vibrantly alive!!

    Blessings of whatever your hearts desire!


  • Did this site really just "censor" the word "VISUA*L", field lol???

    "...cross by my **** field,...."


  • LOL, it did it again!!! What's wrong with the word, @@VISUA~~L???

  • Visual. I wonder why that gets edited. Or auric firld.

  • V....I..s.....u...........a......l

  • You are absolutely right. Wonder what else it edits and censors....good catch there TT.

  • Aura. Vision. Dream. Mystic...sorry had to try it out...curiosity.

  • Hey guy's sorry SH Missed it too, today as i was still at the word fest thing, inspirational workshop for writers, met some interesting authors. and got some good tips and contacts. so it was good.

    I am glad every had good experience will be here next sunday though. Love and Light Bee /Lotus xx

  • The editing of the word isual is due to a very sneaky tarot site that spams this site regularly. The only way they could figure out how to twart it was to automatically edit the word or the capital letter.

    Baby Owl

    I would have to say that being a baby it would be representative of the beginning or the emerging aspect with which it is endowed.

    First off, the owl personally represents my maternal grandmother as it was her animal and she collected figurines all her life.

    Other Aspects it Represents from a dream standpoint are: wisdom (or beginning wisdom? I was discussing wisdom and the re-emergence of “Sophia” just yesterday), insight, magic, expanding awareness and virtue. Of course it also represents death, darkness and the unconscious as well but the baby owl was very sweet and cuddly and for some reason I felt an overwhelming desire to protect it so I doubt any dark meanings with it.

    As an animal totem it represents: the feminine, the moon and the night.

    The owl is the bird of magic and darkness, of prophecy and wisdom and is associated with Athena.

    That also matches the discussion on “Sophia” as well.

    TT, so glad you made it and it went well for you. gaining peace and restfulness is a wonderful thing to get out of this especially if it is the first part of the day. But also kind of watch for other inspirations that come to you throughout the week. Regular connecting has the advantage of stregthening your connection to your inner self and there are a multitude of advantages to that.


  • Hello all ! I managed to connect for about 10 minutes tops, was a difficult session for me with children yelling and stuff, i couldn't really connect, felt little energy mostly behind eyes, first thing i saw was a pile of coins (liked that) after that i saw a wall (didn't like that) and a statue of a Greek Goddess. Googled a bit and the only one resembling what i saw was Irene, the goddess of Peace holding Ploutos the god of wealth in her arms (loved that lol) can't really think of what these could mean, any insight is much appreciated 🙂

  • Maybe the goddess of peace means that by opening to spiritual peace, the law of attraction of wealth in good things happening can come forth. It is by removing limitations blocking the wealth that brings those good things to you and creates more. It may include material but I don't think that is all it means if that makes any sense. Did I seem to connect at the right linear time since I was in the circle in No-time? Just curious if that worked as I am a newbie to it.

    Love and light,


  • Namaste,

    wow its been so long for me to be able to join in....too much confusion going on right now...but i am dealing with it the best i can...its called SURRENDER LOL...

    i RECEIVED AN EMAIL FROM SUNSHINE I WILL POST IT HERE FOR ALL OF YOU. oops forgot the caps were still on...

    i hope and pray everyone is safe, happy, blessed,loved and filled with laughter..take care...


    from sunshine below..

    Hi Shee.Nice to hear from you. I cant go online i moved into an apt and my internet isnt hooked up yet. I am doing the meditation circle on Sunday but i cant access the forum on my phone. Tell everyone on the circle and pond i am tbinking of them all. Will be back soon. Love to all.


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