Libra woman and capricorn man? please help!

  • i need some advice...can you help? i am a libra woman in love with a capricorn man. we have a powerful physical chemistry between us that we both feel. we became intimate after being friends for 5 years...and it scared him away. now, he has put distance between us, and i am so sad because i miss him. i have given him his space...but i wish we could go back to how things used to be. can you give me any advice on how i can do that? he can not be tricked into any thing, and nor do i want to play games, but i just want to be able to get things back in a cool way. as a libra, i feel the need to make sure that no matter what, we are okay. it really makes me sad that he's gone from my life. please help!

  • This is interesting because I have been friends with a cap for thirty years. I am a libra too. I knew him when he was only twelve years old and we have shared a lifetime as close confidants. We think alike on most subjects and have had numerous interesting conversations. About five years ago we both were divorced at the same time so we decided"why not give it a try?" We were the best of friends and got along really well so shouldn't we be able to become lovers and possibly marry.

    Well, everything fell apart. Now our friendship is over too. I don't know what to tell you because I am in the same place you are. I guess we were better friends than lovers.

    Libras and caps just don't mix in that way. I wish you luck and if you figure it out let me know the answer.

  • what happened between you guys exactly? i mean...when you said it fell apart. i'm sorry to hear about your loss. we libras are all about communication...and they seem to run away from it. i feel really helpless. why don't we "mix that way"?

  • Capricorns are very hard to figure out. Sometimes when things dont work out we blame ourselves. It sounds like it is he issue that is pulling you guys apart. You have to be straight forward with him he is an Earth sign he hates for you to beat around the bush. He hates to answer questions too. You have to aproach him directly. I know you miss him but it takes two to have a relationship. You really dont have much to lose I mean you said you and him are not as close anymore. Try not to cry if you can help it, I can never not. But that will help him take you serious. It was hot between you, that is scary for a man any man. I do know that if there is that hot stuff between you he will be back, be prepared. I give it within 3 months you will know for sure. I know it is hard and I am sorry, it hurts. Instead of wondering about what he wants what about you?

  • thank's nice to hear that i am not the only one who blames myself. you know, you really hit the nail on the head with that one. part of the reason i am so sad, is that i feel like i did something to scare him away. i think it is hard for me ( and maybe it's a libra thing) to be direct, and so i tend to be a bit evasive and probably confusing to him too. i liked him so much, he made me do silly things because i was so giddy. i'm trying to keep my head up and not feel like i did something wrong. i cry everyday, but he has no idea. i love the fact that libras are sensitive and that we actually feel things. that is a good thing. it's capricorns that are happy being unemotional, and that is very frustrating. i had not seen him or talked to him in a very long time, and i finally broke down and emailed him just a little hello last week... probably a dumb thing, but i just missed him.

  • You can communicate with him all you want to dont act needy. Of course you dont want to come off as a stalker either. Caps hate that as well as all Earth signs. You must know what you are going to say to him first. Dont just email him with all the emotional turmoil. Be smart Libras are very bright. Girl you know what to do. Go on an get your man!

  • thanks again for awesome advice! you are really cool! you have made me feel so much better with your great advice. i really mean that. i have been spinning things in circles for way too long....but i need to stop worrying so much. i am a strong woman...i just got knocked for a loop. you have taught me all kinds of good stuff! i didn't know that earth signs hate what they perceive as "neediness" wow...

    so, yea libras! 🙂 we are very special indeed! so, have you ever had feelings for a capricorn by any chance? just curious...

  • THE BRUTAL TRUTH!! you were friends first because he didnt fancy you...then he slept with you and now he cant face you because he feels UNCOMFORTABLE!!

    GET A GRIP AND MOVE ON...FIND A NEW FRIEND... and dont ever sleep with a friend..

  • thanks for your response...brutal is right! not, entirely honest though. he did have a crush on me...but he doesn't want to feel that way pretty much for anyone. jjguriz was right when she said she thinks he has issues. he does...and so, as a libra, usually i can help guys out being warm and affectionate. unfortunately, he's too closed. as for him being embarrased....maybe...but i'm not going to apologize for us being attracted to each other, that's not a bad thing! i liked him more than he liked me that's all. he wants to play the field, and i want to be with one person.

  • I'm also a Libra in love with a Capricorn man.We have a 26 yr history together and a 13 yr old son. We've encountered alot through the tears too. He has a past history of drug abuse and he has Chrone's Disease. He's a very sensitive person and very stubborn. Just recently he came back to me and wanted another chance and yes I agreed. He works alot too I'm used to this but I still was scared and wanted more of his time. He is the foreman at his job and they were shorthanded and whatever work came in he had to take it. This took much needed time away from me. I know he finally came to the time in his life that he wanted to stay with me. I had alot of insecurities also in our relationship and needed to really talk to him. Because of his illness his doctor put him on a new medication and this affected him sexually and he was devestated. This wasn't the reason I left him I got scared that he would leave again and hurt me. I broke up with him on his voicemail and I deeply regrert that so much. I didn't think things through because I got upset that he had his phones shut off. You see these are work phones and believe me they are constantly ringing for work and when he gets a break he turns them off. I took this personally and called back and broke up with him and told him he can have all the space he wanted. I feel terrible and now he won't talk to me at all. He knows I love him we have such a long history and he has always known this. He has to have surgury again and he hasn't been working alot either. I know this plays a big factor too. I've been hanging in there because he told my oldest son to give him to September !st when things are better. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to work this out with him if only he could forgive me. I'm hanging in there.

  • Since when have Libras been scared to talk and speak their minds?? I'm a woman who's Sun is in Libra, Aries Moon, Scorpio acsent, Venus in Leo, and Mars in Scorpio and I'm currently dating a man who's Sun is in Capricorn, Aries Moon, Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Sag so I can understand what you are going through. Toledo51, if he is been there for 5 years(that is a long time, give yourself some credit), he should know you well enough not to take any offense to how you feel, good or bad. So I guess what I can't seem to understand is why you haven't called him and told him how you felt, good and bad. Don't let that Libra pride stand in your way. If you want him back in your life, then go for it. It's a 50% chance he will say yes and a %50 chance he will say no, and that pretty good odds. If you find out he doesn't feel the same way about you, then you know for sure he wasn't yours to begin with. The last thing you want to do with a Capricorn man is play that "give him space" game or you will be waiting forever. Don't be passive, he doesn't want someone he can run over. I don't think any man does to be honest, no matter what they say. I also noticed with alot of other signs, that they take Libras kindness as a weakness when they have a Libra truly in love with them and they don't know how to handle it(their loss). He is probably just more scared to tell you how he feels about you and is waiting on you to go first. Even though he is a Capricorn man, he is still a man, and every man loves to feel desired even if they don't tell you. He will respect you more if you are just direct, almost blunt, about how you feel. Don't push him into telling you how he feels, make him listen to you, which he will, but use that Libra finesse, charm and tact that we have all been blessed with to get the answers that you want. Invite him over, with no distractions and talk about it. Let him know that you need to clear up some things. Also, don't do the email thing again. Call him on the phone, and if he doesn't answer, leave a message. He will call back because he is really curious to know what you have to say. BUT, before you call him, figure out what it is YOU really want from him and be 100% sure about it. He will see right through you if you are not telling the truth. They are highly intelligent even if they are emotionally underdeveloped. If you just want the friendship back, say that, if you want more, say that. Sometimes, you have to teach a capricorn how to love you the way you want to be loved. You can't make any assumptions about them, especially about romance, so you have to communicate this to them or else they won't think about it. Capricorns are so different and they are a challenge for most Libras, because we don't have the patience to wait for them(probably because a Sly Gemini or Sexy Scorpio sneeks up on us and deverts our attention! He!! he!!), but if you can muster up the patience and understanding, it may just pay off.

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