Two Career-related Celtic Crosses- can't figure thess reading out...

  • All, did two readings somewhat close together and they both were very confusing to me, almost erratic. Many page cards popped up in both readings.

    Situation - currently in a job where I am no longer learning anything new or contributing anything new, feeling a bit stale. I have opportunities to find other positions but I'm conflicted about staying or going if given a chance to leave. Would appreciate any assistance anyone could give me with the two readings below.


    Self: Five of Coins

    Situation: Page of Coins

    Challenges/ Opportunities: Page of Cups

    Foundation: Wheel of Fortune

    Lesson: Queen of Coins

    Ethics: Ten of Swords

    Developments: Six of Swords

    Issues: Ten of Coins

    Allies: The Devil

    Advice: Four of Cups

    Long-Term: Ace of Cups


    Self: Two of Coins

    Situation: Ace of Wands

    Challenges/ Opportunities: Five of Wands

    Foundation: Page of Cups

    Lesson: Page of Coins

    Ethics: The High Priestess

    Developments: The Tower

    Issues: Eight of Wands

    Allies: King of Cups

    Advice: Knight of Coins

    Long-Term: Page of Wands

  • I think you can see a progression and gain a sense of where you are heading...

    Self: Five of Coins >> Two of Coins = You are moving away from a place of indecision in your career and are now ready to decide and MOVE.

    Situation: Page of Coins >> Ace of Wands = You were gathering information more than acting on it back in 9-9-11. Now you are ready to move ahead and start something new in Career.

    Challenges/opportunities: Page of Cups >> Five of Wands = THe page was a little timid maybe... should I? What if.. now the energy is more like you are ready to face whatever challenges this career move takes you to.

    Foundation: Wheel of Fortune >> Page of Cups = Back on the 9th you were a little more inclined to let matters evolve on their own. Now you are ready to chase what you love and what is right for you.

    Lesson: Queen of Coins >> Page of Coins = Before you were acting more as a woman, now you are acting as a professional. Sees you taking more ownership and willing to take some chances at last! Queens can be a little security conscious, and pages are risk-takers. You are now a risk taker, good for you!

    Ethics: Ten of Swords >> The High Priestess = You can see how you are moving away from trying to think through this decision to the extreme. You have weighed it out on all levels, now you are ready to trust your intuition!

    Developments: Six of Swords >> The Tower = before there was that element of caution, you were willing to let a little boat carry you gently across the waters to something new... now you are getting ants in your pants and want to move to the new no matter what happens (the Tower). You are not interested in preserving whatever was working in the past, it has served its purpose it is time to go forward.

    Issues : Ten of Coins >> Eight of Wands = Before you were more concerned with the security or material aspects of a job change... security was top of mind. Now, you are like "I am going for it!" AND quick!

    Allies: The Devil >> The King of Cups = before you were more concerned with the boundaries and limitations of your current job. IN other words you were more concerned with what was wrong with old... now you are thrilling to see what is RIGHT with NEW! Your ally here is your LOVE you have for yourself, and caring enough for yourself to take a step in a new direction.

    Advice: Four of Cups >> Knight of Coins = Before you were paying more attention to what was around you now - your current position. Now your energy is more like let's go! The Knight of Pentacles is a workhorse, and you are ready to move out in faith and trust towards your brighter job situation!

    Long Term: Ace of Cups >> Page of Wands = Before, the outllook was very good. As this was no doubt the Universe seeing down the road for you and knew that you would take the new direction. Now, your heart is more established, your courage is up there, and this Page is a Career Risk-Taker par excellence!

    My 2 cents? GO FOR THE NEW JOB! You will have a blast too, it will be much more YOU! 🙂

    I hope that helped, I thought your approach here was very cool, to pull together two readings over a period of time and then reflect on those results. Nice job!

  • Thank you so much, AstraAngel! You've made it so clear to me know looking at the readings side by side! Now all I have to do is be sharply on the lookout for the opportunities and go for it! 😃 Hooray!

  • Finally took a new job last month. It has been a hard new experience and I posted a new post with a new reading. Looking for any insights.

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