Watergirl assist please

  • Just completed reading for a teenager who has been missing 5-6 days now. Can you add any input. I get feeling of runaway. Here's my cards--


    3 of swords--above

    8 of swords--below

    past--knight of coins

    far past--10 of rods

    near future--queen of coins

    future--page of swords

    you--8 of cups


    hopes and fears--king of coins


    Thank you--!

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Definitely a run-away. What's weird is it is coming through much like the last one....impulsiveness and a bit of a temper tantrum - feeling overly controlled and the teenage libido took over. Once again, I am getting being told she could not see a guy she thinks she loves and once again, he is coming through as having some addiction problems, but that could just be a reference to her infatuation with him. The third coincidence is that I am also getting - just like with the last one - that someone around them is lying or obstructing their efforts in some way. There is a young girl with information - a friend of hers they need to question. Are they working with the police? I am getting that they need to ask for help (?) If there is a boy she was told she couldn't see they need to send the police to his house. But I am also getting that they need to not be so harsh and open up to listening to her point of view. They are enforcing too much control "my way or the highway" type of parenting and she is at the age where she is challenging authority and rebelling against what she perceives as oppression. More balance is needed in their approach - compromise - so that she feels like she has a voice. I do see her coming home.

    Good luck and hope you find her soon...

  • With the hierophant I'm getting lack of togetherness. This was my question in the reading. How the hierophant is playing into this--Seems like here family IS close to this situation. Might have ran to family member. Thanks Watergirl, I'll forward to family. Don't know family was on a friend's page on facebook. There was a picture of her but info was too small to read. Thanks again!

  • I just got a lot of discordance in the family - she is rebelling and they are trying to hard to keep her under their thumb is what I got. Lots of cards that indicate her impulsiveness as well as life force energy - which is why I got that this might be about teenage libido again. You got the Hierophant and I got Queen of Pents as outcome and when I was asking for guidance or what can be done to bring this to a positive resolution it was all about balance, compromise, etc. But then I also got a feeling of deceit or some sort of block somewhere - not sure who or what it is.

  • Also - let me know the outcome because now I am really curious why this came through so similar to the last one. Wondering if maybe I just picked up on the energy of the last one we did together?

  • Haven't heard anything re the readings I posted on grandma's page. I'm not a friend on facebook so sent them via message. Hope she got them. Did look up story online and police think it's a runaway as someone saw her get into pick-up at 2am. Just don't know who it is. Comes from large family 6 or 7 including her-young family, she being the oldest. Going to do reading on person who took her. With Knight and Queen being next to present get the feeling this person is the knight.

  • AstraAngel: I am very confused in regards to career and jobs I am trying to get just something ,so that we don't loose our house we are barely making it seems that there is not many jobs close to home... I would love to get a job that allows me to be able to spend time with my husband and children , but money is always an issue everytime I think we are going to be ok , my pay is cut or I loose my job, that is what has been going on for the last three years . i am an artist and a very spiritual person, i just don't know what direction to take can you clarify this a little bit for me thanks

  • Hi WG, Did reading on person who took her--


    above--10 of rods

    below--9 of swords

    near past--6 of rods

    far pst--page of swords

    near future--hermit

    8 of swords


    environ--8 of coins

    hopes and fears--ace of rods

    outcome--queen of cups

    Hermit next to emperor can only guess, strange combination. I see emperor turning inward. I see her as page of swords--what I got as her last reading. They definately have common, creative interests. Looks like older person to me--even teacher. I also see handyman looking to start business. Not a bad outcome. See this person as very domineering. Do you see anything that sends up flags...Thanks!!

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