Mixed signals from mr. gemini

  • At this point he's acting to ridiculous I don't even want to talk to him! Such a shame because we work so well together he just can't handle serious responsibility

  • Hmmm. this was quite an eye-opener, as I am a gemini, dating a cancerian, and was told that the ride has been quite the rollercoaster with me (though I can say the same about my man)...

    I guess it's important to give the other party some space when they need it...keep things interesting, we enjoy conversations and thrive on them. We like to discuss different things...just find out some of the person's interests and discuss (so easy to do wtih a gemini, we have many interests and love to talk). Go out every once in a while, do something different....i dont feel that aloofness works with me (maybe because my love sign is in cancer and all other signs are water or earth ones)...i like to know my partner wants me through thick and thin...space, it can be just to create a small corner for them in the house with their books, DVDs and films...they can retreat to it (i like that, and to steal a few kisses every hour or so...i like to know you're around)...i like to come back home to someone...

    we love traveling so try that, new experiences, new connections, etc. just keep it fun and interesting...we're the keeper type btw. sometimes, yes, we do need a breather and we would need to hang out, probably flirt a little bit, but it really is harmless quite frankly...

  • @Geminimantrouble

    I would LOVE for you to read my post and give me some insight on my current situation!!!

  • VOC,

    It seems that you are a female gemini. Is what you say apply to the male gem as well?

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