Mixed signals from mr. gemini

  • he left ignores me then I try n put all the past behind me and he tells me he loves me then disappears again..is he trying to keep me on a hook or is this typical Gemini behavior? bday is 6.7.86

  • Probably so, just have something else going on. That's my advice to you. That's what they do.

  • thanks! yea thats what i figured..been goin through this for a while now. just never gets any easier

  • What a shame. Gems are such charming people. My dad and sis are both gems. I don't ever think that they were gone form my life, My mom fought with him all the time because of his drinking. He took all the fights quietly and never left my mom. My sis. is so generous and loving and so eager to see me any time. But, I think she thought she was never head over heels in love with her hubby. But time came when he almost died she was in tears and worried. I hope she realized how much he meant to her because my bro-in-law so loves her more than anything in the world. I hope your story goes same way in the end. Worthy is right, whatever comes try to enjoy your life.

  • it always takes something big for gems to realize their feelings

  • I have been on and off with a Gemini man for 3years. One thing is for sure, I cannot handle the inconsistancy. He is very charming and intelligent, but i cannot stand the change that take place along the path. One minute he loves me and the next he act as if he doesnt. This multiple personality thing and this flirting behaviour is something elase that I cannot live with. As a cancer woman I need constant re-assurance that I am loved and appreciated.

    If you can handle the roller coater then have fun.

  • Yes, dating or being with a Gemini is like being on a roller coaster. But, I think everybody wants consistancy. Gemini's are sometimes hard to deal with, when their not going thur that personality change. Gemini's for me is a challenge and it keeps me focus. Love them....

  • CANCERDIVA! thats exactly to the point! thats straight on with what im going through at this point ive left it alone and need to focus on others things. you cant make someone want the type of relationship u need. its either they do or they dont. plus how many opportunities can u give someone to get it right??

  • This post is deleted!

  • atleast I know I'm not alone! lol thought it was me thinkin too much

  • Now that I have stopped calling and texting, My Gemini guy is the one showing great interest by initiating dates and expressing his love. I have decided to stop experessing myself because only then does he give me attension (I think that he is scared of loosing me). Thing is I also want to show him that I care but I know the minute I start embrazing him then he pulls away. I like the roller coaster only if I am not looking for something permanant.

  • My father, and two best friends are Geminis. I absolutely love them. They're charming, intelligent, funny, and great visionaries. it takes a certain person to keep up with them. They do not have multiple personailties. Just TWO! LOL. They're the sign of 'the twins; remember. Here is how a Gemini works, don't quote me on this, but this is just my observation. The first twin socializes. Loves to have different people of all different ethnicities and walks of life around them. See Geminis learn through people. Great observers. They're restless, fickeled, and get bored easily. This twin also loves to charm others, make people laugh, and talk excessively! Then there is the other twin, this twin is a little more guarded, sees the individual's real intentions, especially if it's malicious. waits for the perfect opportunity to expose them, and strikes back! Deep thinkers. This twin is a little more introverted. keeps to himself, analyzes everything! This twin can also be real depressed, pessimistic, and have an addictive personality. {ie, sex, partying, drinking, drugs).

    To truly understand a Gemini, is to UNDERSTAND both twins. Once there is a common medium between both twins, a Gemini can be a faithful lover, and a great visionary.

  • i agree with t f f but .,,,, u have to remember this guy is really young still.

  • im basically going through the same exact thing that CancerDiva is going through but were married and have a child and that seems to make no difference in my Gems life as far as priorities like i said before Ive basically washed my hands of it all and then...here he comes.. so odd. never can make sense of it and like she said once you show feelings back....there he goes. smh

  • UPDATE!! my Gem is now being extra attentive but ive been keeping my distance so i can prevent from being disappointed once again. he says hes "trying" but if were being civil already what does that mean!! ugh they make no sense! Gems are you out there?? i need some insight

  • you must have a tone to your voice that he detects as anger

  • i try to be as calm as possible and not let him effect me which is good for me because im moving on and now all of a sudden hes trying extra hard to make nice...crazy gems lol

  • i hope he grows up soon and excepts the father role in his childs life.

  • we'll see..hes getting more angry now that i have my own place and dont bother him for anything..im keeping to myself and he seems to need attn. but his roller coaster ups & downs are making me stay away

  • If and when you are ready talk to him or let him talk to you about the matter. You have to talk light with a gem because he cringes on super deep talks of the emotional type.

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