Will I get a job i like soon?

  • I would really appreciate a reading regarding my career. I've been trying to find a first job since months now but no luck so far. I wonder if is there something that I am doing wrong but I'm trying to stay positive. I hope something good comes my way soon.

    Thank you for a reading 🙂 My d.o.b is 3.10.87 (d.m.y)

  • Neptunian Dreams

    I will share what I am getting for you...

    First of all, the Four of Pentacles sees you hunkered in to a situation, like you are waiting for something...

    Okay the Star next, and as I was laying that card down it touched the first card and turned it around... the Star is hope, so this says keep your hope strong, as things are turning for you in the material-job realm.

    And Two of Swords. Watch out for blind employment ads. Know the company you are applying with.

    Nine of Swords - you are feeling the pressure and a lot of it is self-inflicted. Sure, you don't have a job. This two shall pass.

    The Eight of Pentacles - Sees you busy, busy at your new job. You have a hammer in one hand and a Chisel in the other. What are these, resumes?

    Five of Swords - Expect a job very soon. I am going to say 1-2 weeks.

    Seven of Swords - A week later and you look very happy.

    I hope that helps - I felt strong sensation that you are at a turning point, keep your faith strong. Give thanks often for that NEW job you already have. Ask and receive, that your happiness be made full.

  • Also, your North Node life calling is in Virgo: Here are some options for you to choose from.

    Doctors, healthcare, hygiene, small animal handlers, craftsman, libraries, analysis, bookkeeping, accountant, clothing, mathematicians, merchandising, horticulture, laborers, illustrators, nursing, military service, naval men and officers, social work, volunteer, teaching, army affairs, beekeepers, book cases, cabinets, furniture, civil service employees, clothing buyers and dealers, careers that require detail and criticism, dairy farmers, dental hygienists, manicurists, editors, domestic servants, file clerks, filing, public health, medicine, nutrition, dieticians, medical professions, relief workers, secretaries, volunteerism, tailoring...

    Or you can always go to the nearby Casino 🙂


  • Thank you so much for the reading AstraAngel 🙂 I really appreciate it 🙂

    Oh i am sorry i got the d.o.b thing wrong.. it's actually 10 march.. I hope this did not disrupt your reading.

    I am actually in the engineering field.. and hoping to get something about water/wastewater treatment. (piscean in me!) 😛

    And yes.. I feel a lot pressure internally though not from my environment.. they have been pretty supportive so far.. But I am not used to being inactive and not doing something productive.

    I was now considering to apply for jobs which do not relate to my field of study. I felt i'd do it instead of being inactive at home. But now, I guess I will hold back.

    Thank you for your insight.. Love and light to you 🙂

  • Hi Neptunian

    I interpreted 3.10.87 as March 10, '87 so everything should be good...

    I wanted to expand on your chart and maybe that can offer some insights on your career journey...

    Yes, you are Pisces and you also have Mercury in your Sun sign, so not only are you adept at water related work, you also have an amazing ability to write about it, or communicate what you discover in your work. This also tells me you have an untapped talent for presenting yourself in the best possible light on your resume or job applications.

    Here is a novel idea for you... write a very short summary of yourself on a piece of something that won't dissolve in water, something that can bend, and then insert that into a water container of some sort that is clear, (not sure what they use in waste water work!) ... then you can see your little summary appear in the container of water! And then make a little booklet (like 5 x 7) that has all of your reume/bio info, and punch a hole in the corner, and then tie that to the neck or top of the container. And make a bunch of them... as many as the place you have on your list... and drop them off or mail them to your list. You want to stand out from the pack... just a wild idea that came to me while i was looking at your chart and the Mercury position!

    Jupiter in Virgo along with the North Node. Your organizational skills are superb. You pride yourself on how well you can sort and sift information, and you have the talent for categorizing and analyzing what you discover really well.

    Your Venus is in Aquarius... your love life is prone to somewhat exotic flights of fancy, in a happy way. You appreciate a willingness to experiment and try new things in your relationships. Your ability to receive and give love is matched only by how nicely you flow with your partners emotionally.

    Neptune in Capricorn, you have a propensity to dream your way forward in life. Your only challenge is in taking your imaginations of what you know you are able to achieve and translating that into concrete steps that take you where you want to go. The trick here is to move ahead based on your piscean intuition.

    Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius, sees an nice balance between the self-discipline you pride yourself on, and your willingness to catch the flashes of insight that give you the courage to step beyond the boundaries you have felt. You are aware of your limits, and yet, more importantly, you are aware that YOU are setting the limits and can change them at any time. 🙂

    Pluto in Scorpio, Transformers meets the Scorpion. Who will win? I am putting my money on the Transformer, and so should you. You have a wonderful ability to size up situations and cling to the best path for yourself, while abandoning what is obviously not working. This is a secret strength you possess, and you may not even be aware of it!

    Your Moon in Cancer shows me how much you love a secure and sensitive environment, your home life is a place where you know you can show your emotions safely. You love to laugh, and even your tears at times are some of the happiest moments of your life. This shows a lovely home for you, you love to surround yourself with signs of love and water and sensitivity. Some nice art of oceans and seagulls and starfish... 🙂

    Your Mars is in Taurus. This is the only part of your chart where I thought, "Wow. This is Beauty and the Beast" :)... I would not want to be the person who challenges you on an important issue. On the other hand, when someone needs to stand up and say what needs to be said, you ware the person for the job! I would stay away from China Shops.

    Lastly, Chiron, the Wounded Healer... is in Gemini, so there is a little broken place in your that surfaces from time to time. And this must be connected with your ability to say the right thing to the right person at the right time. Geminis are talkers, and so you have had experiences where you have said something that you later looked back on and wondered "why did I say that, in that way?". Chiron exposes a place in us, that is a Key to unlocking our full potential, so my sense is that the Communication part of you is very, very important, and could well play a "key" role in your career. You may find yourself WRITING about waste water treatment, or discovering that there is some aspect of that field that has not previously been addressed. I would keep a notepad and pencil by your bedside table and any dreams you have, or thoughts out of the blue, write them down and look for hints of some unexplored path related to your chosen career.

    And... since this is a Tarot forum and not Astrology, I will draw a card to keep us legitimate 🙂

    The Page of Cups. A message of love in some way. Perhaps some help shows up that assists you in your career search, whatever or whoever it is, cares a lot about you and is willing to help you in any way possible. Something very sweet for you very soon...

    Love and all the best luck and energies in your job hunt!


  • Astraangel I took that job that is 1 hour commute till i get something closer to home or better what do you see, there is so many people out of work it is sad very sad....

  • Hi AstraAngel!

    So are sooo spot on about the chart interpretation and about the Mars in Taurus bit. 😛 I often wonder why have i said that in an impulse and that i should learn being more tactful 🙂

    Thanks again for your kind words and love. I wish you the best too 🙂

  • AstraAngel i dont know if you read my post above, any insights, ? Thank you

  • Hey Brightmoonshine

    I will take a look...

    I put together a quick five card spread to address specifics related to your job situation. At least you found something though, that is better than nothing. Not exactly what you were hoping for was it?

    1. Present situation - The World - often indicates travel, and in this case it sound like some travel you didn't exactly want! This World says you took the job because that was all the world was offering you at the time. Hey, at least you are still forging ahead, good for you.

    2. Where that will lead - The Star - Yay! This is nice! A bright hope anyway! Whatever it is that you are doing could very well lead to something new that you would never have found had you not taken this position. This is a wonderful card here, no worries, something is opening up as a result.

    3. Outlook for a better job short term - the Six of Swords - crossing from one situation to another. This sounds hopeful, although I am not sure how fast this little boat is going. It doesn't appear to have a Johnson outboard on it, so I would say, something is coming that is better although it may not be next week.

    4. Outlook for a better job long term - The Seven of Cups - this sounds very good, sevens are choices and cups are things you love, so I see you long term ending up in a situation where you will actually be able to pick and choose work that you love from several options! How long a wait is "long term"? I drew the King of Swords and did a quick web search and got "winter or toward the end of winter" - I don't do timing questions much so take that with a grain of salt.

    5. Advice - Nine of Pentacles and Four if Cups - the word I am getting is live prudently and watch your spending and keep your eyes open for something in a direction you hadn't considered before.

    6. What might that "new direction" be? I drew the Ten of Cups - something related to love, relationship, family. Maybe start a mobile Tarot reading service specializing in emergency situations like a wife throwing dishes and glasses at her philandering husband. Just a thought. 🙂

    I hope that gives you something to consider.

    I may start that mobile tarot service should you decide not to! 🙂

  • AstraAngel You have a good sense of humor, good for you I do too and has helped me many times , Mobile Tarot reading , sounds amazing, thanks for the reading, you are a blessed soul and you give a lot. Thanks again I will keep you post

  • NeptunianDreams keep trying do not give up you have your whole life ahead of you, go directly to companies that are related to your field , call hr, go to their web pages and keep doing it and trust yourself, keep that chin up.... I hope you don't mind my two cents, I can help it I have two kids of my own and one just graduated also.

  • Hi Brightmoonshine 🙂

    Thank you for your kind words. It's always appreciated. I'm trying to stay positive and keep being proactive. But I guess things will fall into shape when they will.. I'm still trying 🙂

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