Cancer Women

  • What can you tell me about a cancer woman?

  • Cancer women are very private and sometimes very shy. They love very deeply but have trouble expressing that love to anyone. They are over trusting, due to that they can be taken advantage of quite easily.

  • My best friends are cancers, and they are very fun, sensible, intelligent, but they are also very sensitive like cancer men. They seem to do much better with criticism, as is the female way, but sometimes they can be insensitive without realizing it, and when you call them out on that they can be pretty wounded. They usually wont say that, but you can tell on their face. Depending on the girl, they dont seem to have any problems getting into relationships. Actually, two of my female Cancer friends have had a decent amount of boyfriends. One of them, though, has never dated anyone in her life and she doesn't intent to until she finds someone she really likes.

    Two of them are slow to fall in love, and prefer it that way. They don't need immediate declarations of devotion, and they won't give you any themselves. They dont need to be in love before they get into the relationship, though. My other cancer friend falls in love at the drop of a hat.

    Ummm...what else. The thing about them being private is so true. All these girls are my best friends but they'll never, ever call me and be like "OMG jimmy said this, and I felt this, and I can't believe this and this." They'll always deal with all that stuff themselves. Which is like, the polar opposite of my Gemini friend who will call me and gush for hours, LOL!

    My cancer friends are not shy with most people, but when it comes to guys they like, they clam right up!

  • MariaRia

    I'm a Cancer male and I'm like your Cancer female friends. I'm good with female friends...but clam up when it's someone I like alot. I've dated alot of other signs, but i'm thinking i should date my own sign and wasn't sure how differant a female Cancerian was from a male Cancerian. Are Cancerian females tomboys?

    MariaRia what sign are you?

  • Ummm....not really. All my cancer friends are pretty girly. I used to be a tomboy when I was younger, but I'm an Aries. I am a lot different from my cancer friends, but I usually get along very well with cancers so I have a lot of them in my life. Well, obviously, otherwise we wouldn't be best friends haha.

  • MariaRia...hahahahaha That's funny! Your cute! Guess I like Aries women also!

  • Myviewpoint .......Your right...I have found Cancerian women to be private and not gossipers! I wonder how you meet a cancerian woman? Do you think a cancerian woman would be clingy?

    Just thinking here....and thinking she maybe like a cinderella!

  • Myviewpoint......what sign are you?

  • Myviewpoint .......nevermind....I see your a Gemini! I should have looked at the pictures by both your names! Sorry

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks Everyone for your answers!

  • I am a triple Cancer. Some keywords to describe us (me)

    Shy, to the point that we blush or even stutter especially around a person of opposite sex that we like or find atractive

    Hesitant, we will start the same thing 12 times12 differeent ways and still feel insecure

    Tenatious, we hate giving up on any thing ever, be it a person or an idea

    fragile easily injured, Things that other signs might take in stride can crush the fragile Cancer then the claws come out as fight to retreat.

    Cancer hedge alot, hedge funds, contingency plans. Some cancers wil have more then one lover, this is because they don't feel secure yet and will stop when they find a partner they feel safe with. Feeling safe is monumental to Cancers.

    Independent , allowing others close isn't safe so we keep somewhat independent

    Protective, we know how fragile we are, so the walls are always up and not just walls but stone facadeswith ballistas on the turrets. When a Cancer gets hurt they go into defence mode in an over whelming manner. This also holds true of they feel anyone in thier inner circle is threatened they willcome out fighting

    As bad as that all sounds it is simply because we know how fragile we areand we are simply tryin to protect ourselves

    All this being said Cancers are loving sensitive souls. They would lay down thier lives for those importaint to them. They are intuitive and try to ensure everyone around them has thier needs addressed, this incudes the neighbour they don't like. They will give the shirt off thier back before you need to ask for help. Cancers are frugal, they have saving funds, stocked pantrys and bills paid in full. They buy hedge funds and always have a contingency plan. They don't use credit cards, and hate the morgage that threatens the security of thier home. They won't buy the new dress they need for thierselves but will spoil thier loved ones with any and all indulgences. They are home bodies, and to become a part of thier inner circle family or home enviroment is to find yourself in a very secure and loving place.

  • The stared out word in first line meant gender.

  • Mariaria...That sounds about right! I find when cancer women really fall for someone...well let's put it this way....their pretty Easy. I find them liking to hear the gossip, but will never spread gossip.

  • OMG....Ladychicory....that is so right....especially the last part! Boy do you know yourself and the rest of cancerians! You nailed me to a tee!

  • Little Munchkin....Your right! If Cancerians accept you as a friend, You become part of their family. sometimes these friends mean more than family. You'll have a friend for life! even when you think your friendship is over, cancerians are always watching from a distance.

  • Ladychicory...I had to go back and read what you wrote...That was so good! I have a neighbor like that. hahahahahaha! I think she's sagittarian. I'd rather be friends! she was very disturbed when I came onto her girlfriend (I didn't know she was Bi or lesbian). She's hated me since! the sagittarians girlfriend is a cancerian. Go figure! But she takes care of her and I guess that's security for a cancer. I kind of liked her cause she was alittle tomboyish and still a female. I guess I was a threat to the sagittarian otherwise I don't think she would have got that upset.

    Any thoughts on that?

  • yes, i agree cancerians who are attracted to guys just clam up. in my case, i act like a bird (taken by surprise), then I'd blush, and run away scared. I get soo nervous. and pray to god, the guy i like like me back. but i just get sooo frightened because I can't trust myself when I'm around that person.

  • emotional, possesssive, caring, loving, intelligent, does not like unwanted talks, cant force her, stubborn, generous, forgives but never forgets, if u hurt her apologise sincerely, she wil hurt emotionally if u hurt her, determined, strong willed, takes time to open up, analyzes people before opening up. etc....................

  • We are strange, but exciting. 😛

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