Cancer Women

  • Ladychicory is very on target, I've always thought of myself as fragile, breakable, but push me too far, or mess with my loved ones and I do tend to come out fighting before even I realize it, its like an instinct, and I'm all about the loyalty. If a close friend's other friends, or spouse for instance vents to me about them, I instantly feel loyal to that friend, and want far away from the conversation, even if they don't deserve loyalty, I'm there. I tend to love people forever and ever, and forget someone from school might not remember everything that I do, I tend to remember with my feelings. We are suppose to be good parents, I tend to be a bit too indulgant and short on patience when it comes to the kiddies. Its funny that Mariaria mentioned shes an aries with a few close cancer friends, I've read that we are opposites, but I get along great aries, sags. My boyfriend is Leo and we're a great fit, I tend to be jealous if I think I have a reason, but he's a quieter Leo, with little drama. Sometimes we can be really emotional, thats probably the times we can be the most insensitive to others, thats my biggest challange with being a cancer, not getting caught up in my own feelings, so I can apprieciate others' as well.

  • That's interesting LadyChicory! Thank You

  • @ Myviewpoint - I wouldnt say all cancer girls are trusting. I'm a cancer sun sign, aries moon sign, & gemini rising & I rarely give anyone my complete trust. And I'm RARELY ever taken advantage of. Most cancer girls are intuative, meaning they wouldnt get taken advantage of very often. It's true I value my privacy though.

    @ rudygreen - Not all cancers are gossipers, but I have definately met afew who liked their fair share of drama. I guess it depends on the moon & rising sign combo. As for the clingy part though, I'm pretty sure it's my aries moon that makes me like this not the cancer sun, but I cant stand clinginess at all. If someone is around me too much, or doesnt give me my space, I feel suficated & smothered.

    LoL I never thought of it as a cinderella thing. Maybe you'll find her at a ballroom dance? 🙂

  • Thank you!

  • So to all the cancer females...when your frightened and want to run away...Do you wish the guy would persue you or do you just want him to go away?

  • Maybe at a ballroom dance...but, then I better learn how to Ballroom dance. The only reason I say cinderella is most of the cancer women I know are busy taking care of older family members and their homes or their children or grandchildren.

    Thank you for your reply

  • Pursue in an interesting way. Be creative, then back away to let the games begin.

    Let her wonder over you, then pursue you in return. If there's an interest on her part, she'll let you know in some manner, but shyly so.

  • Hi there, as another cancer woman, my answer to the question would she wish to be persued? hell yes! definitely not stalked SuddenlySally put it beautifully.

  • As a Cancer-Sun woman--had to jump in. Lady Chicory DID hit the nail on the head--especially with this:

    "Cancers are loving sensitive souls. They would lay down thier lives for those importaint to them. They are intuitive and try to ensure everyone around them has thier needs addressed, this incudes the neighbour they don't like. They will give the shirt off their back before you need to ask for help."

    Of course--it all depends on the REST of the my case--Leo Rising & two planets in Leo sitting right on top (conjuct) with my ascendant--so most people tend to guess "Leo?" when they meet me--even astrologers!

    Well--thank goodness--my path has taken me many places where that Leo SAVES me--to those who get it I say--"Gee--do you think I'd SHOW people the Cancer--that vulnerable sensitive part of me? Noooo! The WORLD gets the Leo. Only those who get CLOSE get to see/know the Cancer:-)

    And THAT is so very Cancerian of me.

    Hi BlueCat-now I know you're a Cancer-cuz--my feeling kindred with you makes even more sense:-)

    Yes Rudy G--we often are the ones tending our elders, nursing people back to health, wrangling the children--but never forget the MOONINESS--occasional looniness of a Cancer--we can be wild and crazy and big fun --when we trust those we're with.

    Cancer courtship can be one step forward-two steps back--think of the crab dance if you ever seen one on the beach or a nature channel:)

    We can appear like the strongest of the strong--and be big babies about some things--like missing our birthdays or some other such slight to something "you should have known" was "special to me."

    RudyG--"when your frightened and want to run away...Do you wish the guy would persue you or do you just want him to go away?" I was about to say "Both!" but that's not really true: yes--we do want to be pursued--courted--but "go away" is kind of wrong--more like that crab dance--back off a little--then come back!

    We are all about LOVE and want to be loved and love.

    But our sensitivities can make us appear like we're running away when we retreat into self-protection. I've been disappointed (in much younger years before I learned I needed to "not hide my love away") by guys who thought I did want them to go away--when in fact, I was just overwhelmed by the pursuit and needed to "protect myself" as trust had not yet been built.

    Per courting a Cancer--Suddenly Sally --EXACTLY! Be creative, and it's back to that crab dance. If you come on all strong and just keep on coming--a relentless pursuit--it can make us go deep into that shell! But if you gain our interest---then back off a bit (not going too far away) we'll peep out of that shell--and make our moves toward you--and then the dance begins.

    We are very romantic though we may not show it--liking to show instead the strong,practical take-care-of-everyone else part of us to the world.

    Hint: if your Cancer woman shows signs of retreating into her shell & you want to pursue--Suddenly Sally's advice on "being creative" is so good--find a sweet tidbit--a poem--even a phrase from a poem, a flower--not an overpowering statement of love (at that fearful point--two dozen roses would alarm--but a single rose just opening, not a I LOVE YOU poem, but one that brings up a beautiful image that she can see "wow he see's me like this!" and secretly smile over) left in a private place where she comes across it--remember we Cancer's do have that need for PRIVACY...Little "surprises" that show you're interested and still there even though you've backed off a bit--do wonders...IF she returns the interest--you may have to wait just a bit--but you'll be rewarded once she peers out of that shell and sees its "safe." You may find a home baked pie on your front porch, or be invited to "stop by for a bite" and find the best dinner you've ever had (oh I just felt like cooking a ittle something...")

    For the one who shows us--carefully--without saying "look I KNOW you are vulnerable"--that he understands that vulnerability, is willing to gain our trust over time, and does the little (and big!) things to take care of us (who are often the caretakers!)--once you're in--you're IN and we are very loyal and faithful. Yes--we are the nurturers-- but we want and need to be nurtured and treasured by our mates:-) For the one who remembers to show those little romantic things without a flashy delivery--more the little secret or unexpected surprises--and the "man-strength" without disrespecting our own strength (no "here little woman let me do that for you"s" for US--WE are the capable ones!) we will love big, care back for well, not jerk you chain just to show we can...and make you very very happy:)

  • and just so you a Cancer-woman--it's the anonymity of a forum--that let me tell you all that. If it were "in-person?" Oh my--you'd really have work a bit & take some time to gain my trust before I could open up and share any of it with you!!! 🙂

  • I agree with a lot of what I've read so far. I'm a Cancer sun Pisces moon...

    The bad...

    I always bring up past issues in fights... I can go back years to something if will give me an advantage in an argument...

    I say that I forgive... but I'll never forget... and I may not even forgive 100% either. Even when I say I do... HOWEVER this only applies to those I love as I find it next to impossible to truly forgive and forget a hurt from a lover... much easier from a stranger...

    I expect others to have a crystal ball and know that I want something... even when I tell them I dont want it... then I get hurt/disapointed because I dont get it.... I feel they should have just known... lol..

    I can keep two guys at once and not feel the least bit guilty BUT if done to me I take it as the worst thing ever (but if really in love I only need/want the one I love)

    If I don't pay attention to it... I can cling and smother a person...

    When I'm done with a love... I can just walk away and move right on to the next without a second of remorse.

    I can manipulate a person to get what I want and not feel bad about it...

    I trust too easy


    The good...

    I never give up on anybody... almost never... nope, never.

    I love 100% with my whole heart when I do love...

    I love to cuddle, give affection and I live to pleasure my partner with anything/everything... from food to gifts to $e%... anything. If I love somebody I'll give them all I have.

    I am a saver... of money, people, memories

    I'll go out of my way to help somebody... I'd give my biggest enemy a coat in the rain... and if I dont give him the coat... I'll spend all my time thinking about how not giving him the coat affected him/me/things

    I want to see the good in everything/everybody


    I can dwell on things

    I can analize EVERYTHING in love and relationships...

    I always need a back up to be comfortable... lol...

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