To AstraAngel

  • First I want to apologize for taking so long to answer you back. When you talked about the knight of wands there is a man that I like, but I have not had the time to spend with him because I have to focus on my baby right at the moment. My son as had some medical problems going with him and mom as been dealing with that. So I have not had time to really get involve with a man. There was a man in my life a year ago and he just stop talking to me. He when back to his wife. He lied that he was not with her and then I found out on facebook that he was still with her. So I really had made my mind up not to talk to him anymore, but he just stop calling or coming over too my house. I am not so sure what has changed now, things have not been that good for me and my boys that is the only thing. I am hoping and praying that things will change soon. So my king of wands I really hope things do work out for us. That would be very nice. To have somebody else. I do have to remind myself at time that I am strong enough to do what ever it is that iwant to do. And you was so right about me, once I get something in my head there is no changing that I will not stop atill I have what I want.

    Thanks so much you are awesome keep up the good work Illona.

  • The Sun just popped up for you.

    Expect some good news very soon. Much brighter days ahead for you. You won't even remember the pain you have had to deal with, the light will be so bright. I pray for you you and your family, you are in Heaven's care.

    And the Knight of Swords... someone likes you and has his eyes on you...

    And the Ace of Pentacles. I don't know what it is, however it is big, it is bright, and it is so very lovely.

    It is you with a very big smile on your face.


  • Thank You so much AstraAngel you are so nice. You do very good with the cards.


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