Astra-Angel A reading for me please

  • I have recently broke off an engagement. The man I was engaged to had cheated on me when we first met and I feel continued to do so. He has moved out of my house, but still tries to communicate. I am very interested to see how this relationship will be finalized. Thanks so much for your time. I do appreciate it.

  • Hi RubyRedLips

    Hmm, that doesn't sound like fun you are having in this now-off engagement. I will draw some cards and see where this flows...

    So we are looking at how this relationship will be finalized?

    Four of Wands - well this seems to say something about the two of you, here you are celebrating... what happened? Cheating you say?

    Judgment - this is where he is found out apparently

    Ace of Pentacles - Something new in material beginning

    Six of Cups and Four of Swords - A shared love work, and a rest

    Started off in the winner's circle, and then something was said that caused him to cheat is what I am getting. He was cheating because he was wanting to "get even" regarding some other issue. So when he was caught has was like good! (Because I was trying to make a point is what I hear).

    Ace of Pentacles sees the both of you trying to make adjustments to focus on earthy things instead of this marriage you were hoping for.

    Six of Cups - this is a nice sign, that something will restore your relationship. And it is centered in a shared trust of some sort, you are working closely.

    Four of Swords seems to say a rest to come, where this will all be behind you.

    I hope that gives you some ideas...

  • Thanks so much AstraAngel. I think you are exactly right. I think he was cheating to get even and make a point. What the point was, I don't know. Are the cards saying we will get back together? Thanks so much for your time. I really appreciate it.

  • Could I get a little bit more info from you AstraAngel?

  • Knight of Swords and Page of Swords

    This tells me you are being pursues by the Knight. Or a Knight. Someone is after you and they are hot on your heals.

    Will you two get back together? The King of Wands says that as long as the Universe has a say so in what happens in your life, then the answer is Yes.

    Eight of Wands - And quick.

    Four of Swords - this is the foundation card in Swords - we have already identified the Knight (your suitor) and the Princess (the Page) and this Four says, expect foundations in the swords. Foundations are relationships. You have a solid relationship coming.

    Page of Pentacles - Another princess is around you, offering some advice or something. Helping you with something. A sister?

    Queen of Pentacles - An older lady is near you, comforting and also telling you to be strong and hang in there. A lot of court cards are showing so you must be showered by a lot of others around you in some way.

    That is all I have right now... it does sound quick though, stay expectant and look for positive signs as you go about your day. Give thanks for your answers that are already coming! 🙂

  • You are wonderful . Thanks so much for your time and experience.

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