Help Captain lost & need guidance

  • everything has been going terribly wrong my marriage home finances I need some type of guidance please..Me: 10.30.86

    husband 6.7.86

    daughter 8.4.10

    you seem to give the set readings out there hope u have a light to shed on my marriage home life etc 😉 much appreciated

  • This relationship is more like that of a parent and a child than two equal partners. The question is "how long you can put up with your partner's immature behaviour?" He will need to encounter some very hard and lonely times before he grows up enough to be a man and face his issues and responsibilities.

    Sensitivities run very high here in this relationship. You two can find yourself on the same emotional pipeline for better or for worse. For better is when you can give each other a lot of emotional sustenance and inspiration. For worse however means that seeing each other daily rubs you on each other's nerves. The challenge here is getting along, and diminishing points of conflict and irritation while capitalizing on your shared ability to create colour, intimacy and even joy. Exchanges between you can be lively and stimulating but your husband may find himself on the receiving end of your strong moral code, which can lead you to condemn any of his thoughts and actions that you consider even a tad questionable. He has trouble living up to your standards. Even if you struggle to accept each other's faults, your extreme temperamental differences and the relationship's highly crtitical outlook are apt to cause many problems. The chemistry here tends towards the excitable with lots of humour and good times but also a degree of instability. You GMT can be very protective of your partner at times and may lose all your objectivity when it comes to making a hard decision. Nevertheless you must answer the question I originally posed.

  • you are so right!! thats been my realization with him.. i know now that were different and want different things in life so ive kept my distance i cant make him grow up.. u were so accurate with how our relationship!. i love him to death but im keeping my space

  • In regard to your finances, you must always be scrupulously honest and have integrity in any money or business dealings. If you value money over service, you will feel unfulfilled even if you make a good wage. You should ask yourself "What do I really need inside?" If you have any negative neliefs about money, you will struggle to get it, because you will unconsciously fight or sabotage your own efforts. When your creative energy flows outward with courage and with love, you will manifest money naturally - you will enjoy it and channel it creatively. When you feel secure and are willing to claim your own authority, you will create abundance on every level and make as much money AS YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO. No one stops you but yourself - when you understand this, you can get out of your own way and make a significant contribution to the world,.

  • what do you mean? im not doing what i need to do? hmmm...idk ?

  • Ask yourself if you have any negative beliefs about money that might have been passed onto you from others, such as your parents or religious leaders - do you think it's bad to be rich or that rich people are all greedy and souless? Or do you feel that you are personally unworthy of wealth or happiness? If you dig out and deal with any issues that are holding you back, you will free up both your flow of creativity as well as abundance.

  • im starting fresh! thanku so much! i hope good things come my way. trying my best to leave my husbands issues behind me

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