Shuabby , a reading please

  • Shuabby, I'm from the heart of a virgo man forum and I was wondering if you would be kind enough to give me a reading concerning my situation.

  • Arieslost

    What are your questions?


  • can i ask you a question shuabby?

  • I would like to know what is going on with my bf. I have not heard from him and he never acknowledged my the birthday wish I left on his voicemail September 2nd

  • arieslost,

    He is very busy and will catch up with you in a day or two. Perhaps he can not give the birthday wish requested at this time and feels badly and therefore did not answer you. Friendship change over the course of time as we all change. Allow this growing room and you will keep this friendship alive for a long time.


  • Shuabby, were you able to read the history behind this situation. He broke off with me in July after he disappeared for 2 weeks. Then on August 3rd, he called me to tell me he made the wrong decision. I haven't seen him since April. He told me we were still a couple and that his love had not changed for me. Maybe he is very busy with someone else because the last time I spoke to him was on August 23rd. I left him a birthday greeting on September 2nd which he never acknowledged. He still has my things at his place and said I would get them back but I haven't heard anything from him and we're October 1st. That's why I asked if you can see what is going on since you are a clairvoyant. Is he playing games with me and how long should I wait to contact him for my belongings.

  • arieslost

    I thought you were referring to your best friend not a boy friend. Now, you are on the right track in thinking that you no longer are in a intimate relationship with him. He has wonderlust and does he have an addiction problem? He also does care about you and that is something I am being told to tell you to understand that you did not waste your time with him. I feel a darkness around him like depression , does he fight it?

    Your personal things at his place are not to many is the picture I get ,yet you will have to call him and ask him to either mail them back or make an appointment for him to drop them off at your place to you.Two weeks is the time period I have for this to happen. He is in transition in his life and also he wants to experience many new avenues and love is of course included in this venture. If you have chased him, stop now. Move on as I know you are hurt and have some anger, enough to burn a house down at this time, it will pass and when you allow yourself some personal time to get out there and socialize in a different way than you have been doing you will meet another man. One that has a rather strong testosterome level so we will say he could be a Leo. Sparks will fly and you will have to cruve your strong will a bit as he can and will match you on most levels. What a great team you two will make. He comes in with hair that seems to have some darker parts to it , yet has light to it also. His eyes look blue to me. He is a eye catcher and he will catch yours. This time honey you will have a match that is really one that is more positive and one in which you will not always have to have your way is what I hear. You will become more and more in balance with this new fellow. It feels like he drives a red car or truck. Nice! Since I got him in discription this means he is not far away from you. You should be in his arms at Christmas time. Let me know when you meet him. I'll join with you in a Christmas Cheer for your new partnership and the New Year.



  • Thank you Shuabby for that inspiration. Last time I spoke to him I told him I felt like I was hanging on a thread with him and I didn't like that feeling and if it's over , it's fine. I just want my items back and there would be no problem. This was in August and I'm not chasing him. Like I said I called and left a message on his voicemail for his birthday on September 2nd and never heard back. Why did he not end it completely. Did he really love me and does he really want to end this. Is he in a dark place, does he have someone else. I just don't understand, he disappeared in July and things were fine before that, when he told me he decided to break it off he was crying on the phone and said he had no choice. This was a long distance relationship about an hour away, then 2 weeks later he calls to say he made the wrong decision and wants me in his life. Is this torture or what? We were together for 4 years. I'm just trying to wrap my brain around this confusion.

  • Arieslost,

    Lots of confusion going on here. What did he do for a living? He had no choice means that there is an involvement elsewhere, but I am not being given a clear picture as to what or who? Four years is a long relationship and if you both had good communication than you would not be left in such a questionable state as to why he left .

    My advice here is to let go and let God. If this man is to be in your life than it will be, I don't feel he will be as he is playing both ends against the middle. You have better fish to fry in the future if you so choose. Let sleeping embers die is what I am getting for you.

    You may need to ask Watergirl if she can go deeper for you as I seem to be unable to receive every detail you are seeking at this time.


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