All my fault

  • Leonida;

    We were never together in the begining. We were friends went we first met, he was seeing other people. He knew that I like him. Honestly at this time I just want the chance to say the words I need to, that is all! Then we can go on as we would like, either way!

    lol..understand, that is all I asked for, but there are other people and things that are apart of this scene. In my dream lastnight I found him ( I wasn't even looking) and he understood. It was a relief and left me with happy tears as I woke up.

    lmao...The pool guy was never an issue and he knew that from the start. Maybe he needed (or needs) to step back a really think about everything that was said and done. He was never kept in the dark, about anything! But to give up so easily proves more than I thought. Time will tell.

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