All my fault

  • hello Y, First men are men, no matter what their sign is. I doubt you want the cold hard truth but you seem to want some help with this matter. I know Leo's can be real drama queens and they think they are Women always want love and support. Sounds like your cancer guy doesn't want to be hurt and your discription of what happened, gave him reason to be concerned about that very thing. I believe you need this to be resolved..........don't let pride get in the way. Have you ever told this guy exactly how you feel towards him?? I believe you need to TALK.........really TALK. If you really want this to be to him and let him know all your feelings. If he cares and really cares for you, he will respond.

  • i have to agree as us cancerian men need to feel loved and need to hear them words ,some never hear them words many women like to be the ones romanced .truth is goes to both sides imho . if you love him tell him ,they say actions speak louder then words sometimes its nicer to actually hear and know them words ~ i love you~ but ya better mean it when ya say it ...a few like me never quite got to hear em ...guess why im hear learning the truths of why ive been feeling so cursed in life finding out how true i am to my sign lmao .have a good day hun and good luck ..

  • Whats your sign? I dont know if I caught it? Iam cancer but Iam a women so yes we are very moody at times very loyal so we tend to back off untill we are sure because we don't want to get hurt. On the flip side he is a man so to turn you down is a bit unusual but not unheard of. I'll get back with you with more when you get back about your sign.

  • Katie;

    I am o.k. , as far as the people at work go I don't share any of my personal heartfelt things with them for they are all my clients. There are things to say and things to not say.

    Yesterday evening I felt that I would break everything I saw, so instead I turned the music up loud ( reallllllyyyy loud ) and closed everything up so that I could scream. That didn't work out well, the person who lives in the house next to me came knocking. When I came to the door I was trying to wipe my tears( the music was still very loud) I opened the door and asked him to hold on. ( I went to turn down the music) As soon as I turned it down I went straight back to the door and opened it ( he just looked at me) and he asked if I was o.k.. I told him I was and then he said it looked like I was in the "Twilight Zone". First off let me say that my eyes were dark red and the tears were streaming down my face. I would think maybe I was sad and hurting, but I would never think I was in the "Twilight Zone". I think I will be a pissed about that comment for awhile that was a little overboard.

    Thanks for wondering :).

  • Moon;

    If I had the chance I would. And no I didn't tell him that I was in love with him, but rememeber men are men he knows I am. Drama or not I am what I am and he was surely informed by me what I am like. But a promise is a promise no matter the person, I take promises as they should be taken.

    I did hurt him ( but lies can hurt everything) and for that I may never forgive myself, but I don't like to beat around the brush about issues that need to be mentioned. That is why I am holding off on letting myself fully be involved, hence that is why I didn't tell him that I loved him. With all that said Last Thursday should have never happened. I let the pressure of all the things around stay inside and it blew without warning.

    If he meant what he said then I would have never posted here.

  • Orig;

    I love you is something I take VERY seriously ( he has said it twice) that is why I hold back, I know I do but somethings need to be revealed before I open up all the way. All I can say is there are things that should be said to me ( even if he thinks I know) out of respect and the love that he says he has for me. Thank you very much on your insight and I do hope that when you do hear those words they ring true and put wings on you :).

  • Sizzle;

    I am a Leo.

  • Hi Y

    Hope you're having a decent weekend.

    I like my music loud too, but have to be content with my ipod. Can't do any boring work without it.

    Take it easy

    Big hugs


  • Hey Katie;

    I hope your 4th was good :). Mine was forced on me, I made so much food ( there is enough food in my fridge to feed the u.s. army.. no kidding). My family came up, even after I asked them to just forget it. Only one of my family members knows what happen. I am not ready to explain to anyone (but him) what happen and how I feel. ( As far as they go).. My kitchen is looking great and another one of my ex's called out of the blue. ( this one I am quite happy to hear from, but I don't think I will see him).

    I have been wondering lately if I was meant to go off like that. Maybe as a test to the "Love" that he was proclaiming (sounds selfish, but it's been quite a while now) and if you love someone you don't spend a holiday let alone your birthday without them. (his birthday was the 4th)

    I guess I will never know. The crying has almost stopped and the headache hasn't been back for at least two days( not saying that my heart doesn't miss him) at least that is a plus. Though sleeping is still a big issue, I can't stay asleep more than 3 hourswithout getting up ( but my sleeping habits weren't good anyways). The full moon sure doesn't help the restless. Thanks again for checking up :). Hope all is well.

  • Dear Y,

    I surely now what it feels like not to be able to go to sleep.

    I do have the same problems.first of all to go to sleep, then after a couple hours (I dream a lot lately and keep waking up from it) I can't really go back to sleep anymore. And if I do it takes me at least 2 hrs or so.

    In the morning I feel like I haven't been sleeping at all and through the day i walk around lake a zoombie.

    It started to affect my brain, I start to have difficulties to remember what I watched on TV, even it has been 15 min ago or when people talk to me to folloy them.

    Normally, I pick up very fast and have a very good memory.....short or long term......but it really seems like my gem start to take everything out of me!

    What's most terrible, I not even can cry anymore...............somehow I really feel like I'm numb toward everything what goes on around me!

    I notice my surrounding more like I'm not a part of it, like I'm watching a movie I'm not really interested in.

    My kids really are very very mad at him...........and nothing can change their minds anymore!

    Off course children hate to see their mother getting hurt!

    So I still didn't write him that I'm so sick off all this! and that I'm ways to precious to get treated like this period. No one deserves that at all! Still just want to now " WHY".

    Big Hug there Y!

    Sometimes I wish we all here could get together and talk personall, but just being a part in hear and receive some respondence sure do help a lot.

    I don't feel so left alone with my pain, but it's sure sad there is a need for a forum like this!

    See you in here, soon!


  • Hi Y

    Good to hear all about your 4th. I'm not in America, so I couldn't join in the fun.

    The food part sounds marvelous, I hate cooking, I'd rather have a drink with the boys!

    You seem to be on the up at last, but it's a shame he hasn't contacted you. Of course your heart still hurts,it will take time and time is on your side.

    I'm not all brilliant health wise, near the menopause, what a drag!

    And I'm in love with a fairytale, lol

    Take care, sending millions of hugs


  • Anni;

    I am sooooooooooo sorry that you to have to go through this on your own terms. I am smart enough to know that this is life. But when you think you have all that you have ever dream of and then it disappears it is hard to come back down to reality.

    As far as sleeping goes I am so there with you. Sleeping pills seem to work a bit. But I fear until my mind and heart have the reasons they are not going to rest as this is the human way. Have you tried to read? Improve something in your house? Projects seem to work, they make you tired and if you turn on the radio, you can sing along or cry along. Either way it's releasing the tension.

    I wish you well in your time of hurt and I do check everyday :). Not that I can give you some wisdom, but maybe some comfort as some (katie) do here :).

  • Katie;

    Still tons of leftovers....ehhhhhhh.. I hear you on the drink!!!!! :).

    Thanks for your insight and your daliy uplift.

    And Katie, sometimes fairtales do come true! Sometimes you just have to believe hard enough. Never give up on your dreams, I am not ( no matter if he comes back or not). Maybe he was preparing me for the real thing :).

    May all your fairtales come true! It doesn't matter what age you are. You are only as old as you want to be :).

    A million, zillion hugs to you too.

  • Hello, I am a sagittarius and have always been attracted to water sign men specifically cancer men. Cancer men are very moody and fickle. I would still be friends with him but I would tell him that things are going a little faster than you would like. Tell him to find him self another place to stay. It sounds like he is emotionally abusive and is with holding sex from you which is another form of emotional abuse. When a man with holds sex from you unless it is due to religion it is usually to make you feel rejected and this would be considered abuse. I guess he feels that he is remodeling your house that he can treat you anyway. He is a looser. Dump him. Too much turbulence. Love should be given freely on both sides. I hope this helps you.

  • Earthy;

    Thank you very much! That's wierd though, your attracted to cancer men? I haven't heard a word from him and at this time has come to terms with the fact that sometimes life is tricky and very sad. Yes, him with holding was very strange. Kind of makes you think that he was getting somewhere else! Either way, everyday I get a bit more energy and try to focus on my projects when I am not at work.

    As far as the remodeling it looks great and I thank him alot, but I will finish it :). I did enjoy the help and for that I am very thankful. The games I am not.

    Thanks again for your advice I think I will stick to what sign's I know are my match :). Y 🙂

  • Hi Y,

    Thanks for your very kind words. I never normally join in with forum's, but I felt compelled to write to you. Must be the fact that almost all of my boyfriends have been Pisces, so there is a watery link.

    I certainly agree that you are as old as you feel (or the man you are feeling) Ha ha!

    We really are in the age of Aquarius. I think it's great that people can voice their concerns on line.

    I can feel your strength returning every time I read your posts. That's fantastic because I was worried about you a few weeks ago, I just couldn't get you off my mind.

    Keep going girl, I'm proud of you!

    Love n around the world hugs,


  • Katie;

    You are most welcome. One thing I had to remember is that, no matter what has happen in my life I was still standing. Although love is my greatest weakness I need to not be so open ( but then again love should be given freely and without regret).

    Yes, I am coming back to life with the help of you and my projects. To have someone who really cared about what was going on and not trying to rub it in my face seemed to help alot, you never pushed the subject and you kept it light!

    I realized I had so much to do that I am now working through my arm and leg cramps. There have been people who said that they would help, but I pushed them away ( those people who wanted to help, really wouldn't have been a help. Plus with my attitude, I would rather deal with it on my own). lol... yea, I have never used online as a method to help cure my pain, but sometimes it's people outside the box that can really help. Plus at the time I didn't really feel like facing the facts of my broken heart.

    Well I must go for now...I wish you well...Y:)

  • My dear Y,

    I'm always at your service.

    Here's to a bright and loving future!


  • Katie;

    Well my projects have been a little delayed, but as is well here. I hope that your weekend is going well! Just wanted to check in and say "Hi". And thanks again for everything :).

    Y 🙂

  • I think you are more ready than he is to activate this old relationship, although he must care or he wouldn,t have over re-acted bout the pool guy,but at the same time why is he not understanding the lost you have just had and how you are feeling emoti onally. Just hang in there and let him come back to you. what where the problems that caused you to break-up before? Is it the same old thing , if so be careful.

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