Alittle help with the towers

  • Reading for love;

    situation-2 of wands

    love and me-the tower

    challenges-5 of swords

    Need help with all but mostly the tower


  • You - Something has ended, something that was not built on a solid foundation or just not all you thought it was, but you are struggling to let go and maybe even in a state of shock over what has happened or over a fight or upsetting communication of some sort.

    Situation - A partnership matter has come to a head - feels like it was the dissolution of a partnership, but could also just point to needing to make a decision about it.

    Challenges - Needing to leave it behind you and clear the residual negative energy.

  • Situation - Two of wands

    Love and me - The Tower

    Challenges - Five of Swords


    I see you are trying to decide between two possibilities. Your love life is at a standstill and you are determined to discover true love, one way or the other. You have been frustrated in this, so far. Everything you have tried has not exactly turned out the way you had hoped.

    The Tower shows that you are about to pop unless you find love soon. ( to the question of love and "me").

    The Five of Swords shows the intensity you are feeling right now in areas, of this love you seek. A challenge for sure. This will all pass, and you will soon find the love you seek. Anyone who has fought as long and hard as you have deserves to find that one precious pearl.

    Love, Astra Angel

  • Thanks watergirl18 and AstraAngel!

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